Rapture In The Deep (End)

Deep Purple in pool

Deep Purple (sponsored by Boots Sunglasses) take so long getting their pose right on the latest publicity photo shoot that they fail to notice the tide has come in...!


5 Responses to “Rapture In The Deep (End)”

  1. Beaker Says:

    If Robert Banaszkiewicz is right maybe Roger’s new album should have been called “Who Do Wee Think Wee Are”

    (Sorry I know it’s terrible but I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet)

  2. Brian Currin, Music Fan Says:

    So that’s how graphic designers get that reflective look.

  3. David Says:

    5 years in Purple-world is nothing. But, that is a cool picture!

  4. Robert Banaszkiewicz Says:

    Roger has that look of relief on his face. I wouldn’t jump in too soon.

  5. Jeff Breis Says:

    Blokes on the Water.

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