Blues Project snap

Jon Lord Blues project

Daniel Andriot saw the Jon Lord Blues Project at Le Creusot (90 km south of Dijon) on June 24. 2011.  “Great show. They played two Deep Purple tracks. When A Blind Man Cries, sung by Miller Anderson and Lazy sung by Maggie Bell. These old musicians are better than the young! Pete York did a fantastic drum solo too.” Daniel kindly sent us this shot he took, with Pete on the right.

They have recorded one of the shows, and this is being sold at subsequent concerts and via Jon’s website for the moment. No news on whether it will get wider distribution.


2 Responses to “Blues Project snap”

  1. Stuart Hamilton Says:

    Well I would buy the CD but at £18 (eighteen pounds) plus £10 (ten pounds) postage, I think I’ll give it a miss.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Good grief! I wouldn’t mind, but the whole point of selling CDs at a show is so the artist gets to see a higher proportion of the proceeds than they would if sold in a store anyway, so this could be sold at a regular price and still earn them a lot more than if it was sold via Amazon… And there’s nowhere on the planet that costs £10 to send a single CD to post to.

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