Cozy Powell flight case

COZY POWELL : I was chatting with someone last week who actually went along to the auction held after Cozy’s death (in April 1998). I’d heard various stories about the cassettes and tapes before, which I seem to remember ended up being bought by one of Cozy’s friends from the group Hammer. Apparently they just cleared everything out of the garage and put it into auction. Anyhow, this chap we know (who has asked not to be named) ended up bidding and winning a vintage Whitesnake Cozy Powell flight case, which now sits in his office. He regrets not bidding on a pile of signature drums sticks though. Neil Murray went along but just to watch. I was able to take a couple of photographs of the case, and will post one here.

cozy powell [drummer in rainbow whitesnake] flight case


7 Responses to “Cozy Powell flight case”

  1. 24heaven57hell Says:

    un trite fin para uno de los mejores bateristas de todos los tiempos-junto a jhon bojam,de el buen ledzepelin-y ni modo asi es la vida.

  2. Ashley Says:

    A sad end to a Great Great Drummer. It should have gone for loads more money. The sellers obviously didn’t realise the importance of the stuff, such a shame

  3. Bill Redford Says:

    I remember reading that Cozy’s first Yamaha drum kit was going to end up in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… wonder what ever happened to his classic red sparkle Ludwig kit form the Rainbow days. And I wonder if, among the tapes sold at the auction, was the tape of the Jeff Beck Motown sessions from 1970. Cozy had said in an interview years back that he did have a copy.
    Watching all those old clips on You Tube…I just have to get the 1977 Rainbow DVD now!

  4. alexjes Says:

    I want to have it in my office !

  5. Jeff Says:

    I soooo wish I could get a pair of Cozy’s drum sticks!

    • simon robinson Says:

      According to the guy who bought the case, a whole box of sticks went for about £30 / $40. He now wishes he had bid for them! I’ve not seen these come onto the market anywhere so maybe somebody has them stashed away…

    • drumanorak Says:

      I have two pairs from a friend that went to the Auction he bought quite a few pairs, missed out on the Cozy bass drum head which I wanted.

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