Machine Head Covered

Ann was having another blast through the latest stripped back Tom Jones album the other day (it’s one of her most played discs of late). We had some friends round from a small music group which meets once a month, when we all have to bring tracks on a theme to play and discuss. Some of us got arguing about how come a few of the tracks are credited to Tom when they are in fact original vintage blues numbers.
deep purple machine head sleeve backFrom there we speculated about Tom covering Lazy off Machine Head for some reason, and reckoned it would be well worth hearing, albeit in some re-interpreted way rather than a slavish copy.
It wasn’t a massive leap from there to us talking about what other bands might be able to do interesting versions of Machine Head tracks. I still harbour a wish to have Cyndi Lauper take one of the tracks apart (she once did an amazing Led Zepp cover on UK TV, but I bet she’d sound great on When A Blind Man Cries), but has anyone out there any other suggestions?
The band / artist must be current, so no hypothetical super-groups. And no Joe Lynn Turner.


33 Responses to “Machine Head Covered”

  1. Mike galway Says:

    Neurosis-Pictures of Home
    Rammstein- Pictures of Home
    Steve Hillage-Space Truckin’
    Machinehead- Highway Star
    Elizabeth Frazer- When a blind man cries
    Jah Wobble-Lazy
    Bring Me The Horizon- Never before (for Roisin)
    Mazzy Star-Smoke

  2. Mike galway Says:

    JLT wasn’t in Deep Purple

  3. Mike galway Says:

    I resent the remarks about me lusting after Kate bush because I don’t. Honest! She is a goddess and I love her brain, heart and soul. It’s not my fault she is so beautiful – I really do think Kate would do a great version of Leo…
    I do however lust after a box set of Rinbow’s Japanese dates in 1976 and the complete M.I.E shows.
    Don’t get me wrong, if she asked…

  4. purpledaniel Says:

    Rata Blanca from Argentina would kick ass the entire album…

  5. Tony B Says:

    I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of who could do any Machine head song. The easiest song would be ‘When a Blind Man Cries’ because it’s a ballad I imagine. But then I keep thinking of Ian singing it and Richard Harold Blackmore’s ultimate cool guitar solo, Paicey’s crisp snare sound and fills and then some…
    I know a cover version is not supposed to be the same as the original but… I’m stuck! I think Morse era DP did an interesting jazz version of ‘Smoke..’ at Montreux but they don’t count. But then again what is interesting to some might not be to others?
    Off the wall suggestion
    How about Robert Plant and Jimmy Page doing ‘When a Blind Man Cries’ (tee hee)!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Blimey, what a creative lot! I like Tony’s idea of Plant doing When A Blind Man Cries actually, given his recent outings it could work well. Not so sure about having Pagey join him mind, but that’s just me.
      Surprised at the number of people running with the Chili Peppers on Maybe I’m A Leo, but once you think about it you could see that working. Same goes for Adele who I must confess is just a billboard poster to me thus far, but again she must have something going for her.
      Not so sure about U2 being let loose, but that’s probably just my prejudices. And sorry Paul but Michael Buble would really see me throwing toys out of the pram! Though your idea of Jeff and Joss would get a thumbs up. I also reckon Richard Thompson suggested by Jamie would be fascinating (as was the idea of Jello Biafra mucking in – I’d be up for Ministry myself as well, and we know they’re fans as they did Space Truckin’ a couple of years ago).
      Mike is just lusting after Kate, and even if this was all for real, I can’t see her going for it! Mind you she has just covered her own material again so you never know. She can always pose for the sleeve in a purple t-shirt eh Mike?
      B.B. King says Edwin – funny, me and Vince in Canada were debating on Buddy Guy doing this the other day.
      Like the idea of local lads Pulp having a go too, or perhaps Jarvis and Richard Hawley, who kicks out a mean guitar when he’s in the mood (which sadly isn’t often enough these days).
      Also a few names here new to me which I must check out. Keep them coming…

      • jamie williamson Says:

        Jello Biafra plus Ministry equals Lard! (not sure if they still exist at this point.) But Lard doing Highway Star or Space Truckin would be something!

      • simon robinson Says:

        I’d forgotten that, though Vince Chong has sent me Lard stuff in the past which I enjoyed.

  6. Stevie Nimmo Says:

    Watched the DVD of Purple’s farewell to Jon on Around The World Live. The warmth, generosity and sheer unadulterated talent shine through in every note he plays and every word he speaks. A true gentleman, a magician on the keyboard and a man for whom the overused word Legend is entirely appropriate.
    Thank you for the memories of gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Knebworth among others. Get Well Soon, the Battle might be Raging On but you can overcome this with the support of thousands behind you.

    Cheers Big Man, as we say up here in Scotland, Gaunyersel !

  7. Stephen West Says:

    What about Maybe I’m a Leo by the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I keep hearing it in my head by them and it sounds kind of good!

  8. chiptarbutton Says:

    Cool idea: Picking bands that would do wildly different versions from the original.

    Highway Star: Dave Mathews Band (sax and violin solos, with a funked up beat)

    Maybe I’m a Leo: Red Hot Chili Peppers (They could turn this into a rock funk masterpiece

    Pictures of Home: Children of Bodom (Turning this into a speed metal song would be cool.)

    Never Before: Jason Mraz (I could see this re worked into a groovy little pop rock song tinged with a little reggae)

    SOTW: Shouldn’t be covered. It’s the band’s signature song.

    Lazy: Ricky Scaggs and Kentucky Thuder: Bluegrass it up…..

    Space Truckin’: Mastodon: This would also sound cool with a speed metal treatment

    When a Blind Man Cries: Adele: A soulful version of this would be very interesting.

  9. David Says:

    Hi Simon; how about Tony Iommi / Glen Hughes doing `Highway Star`or `Smoke`?

  10. Bo Says:

    And WHY no Joe Lynn Turner? After Glenn Hughes he is by far the best singer today of all the ones who have been, or still is, in Purple.

  11. Thomas MAX Says:

    An interesting idea indeed to fool around with on a, err, well, lazy and pretty hot Saturday night after and before a refreshment in the garden! Let`s see…hmm, Smoke has already been done in the most ultimate version by Pat Boone so it`s ruled out. Maybe I`m a leo has been taped by Gov`t Mule nicely, I’ll leave Lazy for Tom Jones as requested, Blindman for Miss Lauper, Never Before I could do without hearing ever after, Pictures of Home is something else, Yngwie did it but that was nothing that should be tried again in my opinion, so we`re left with Highway Star and Space Trucking. Highway Star could end up on Jerry Lee Lewi’ next all star CD, maybe with one of the band as a duet partner, but should be done by Fourplay (as a) laid back instrumental or by Brain Setzer with his big band thing I think. Space Trucking might go down very well covered by Mother`s Finest, ah, Joyce Kennedy stretching her voice on that one and Wizzard`s bassist… Please don`t hold me to that tomorrow.

  12. Paul Hogan Says:

    Maybe I’m a Leo by The Chilli Peppers.
    A heavy electronic version of Space Truckin by U2.
    Smoke on the Water by Adele.
    Pictures of Home by Michael Buble with orchestra
    Lazy by Jeff Beck with Joss Stone
    When a Blind Man Cries by Plant / Page
    Highway Star by Sonic Youth . . .

  13. Mike Galway Says:

    Kate Bush singing Maybe I’m a Leo

  14. Barry Williamson Says:

    Hi Simon, how about Keane doing Highway Star, Tom Chaplin did a credible performance at the Princes Trust Concert last year with Queen on their “It’s A Hard Life”….and I think Adele doing Pictures Of Home would stand up… and a little off the wall, maybe Madness covering Never Before. Regards Barry.

  15. Edwin kivisto Says:

    B.B. King ” Picture of Home”.

  16. christiandahlgren Says:

    Rod Stewart doing Never Before would be nice.

  17. Mick Goddard Says:

    How about Cee Lo Green covering “Maybe I’m a Leo”?
    Personally I think it would sound fabulous.. Discuss…

  18. jamie williamson Says:

    What if it’s JLT on bass? Ha ha! I think the harder edged Richard Thompson doing Lazy has some potential. Other wise I think of parts (NOT a supergroup) for Highway Star: vocals by Jello Biafra? How about a guitar solo by Adrian Belew? Or a psycho-Messaien stacked chords style solo by another used-to-be-a-Hammond-player-till-he-started- building-his-own-organs player, Hugh Banton of Van Der Graaf? Hmmm…

  19. MKJ Says:

    Sounds like a great night in?

  20. Peter Schuptar Says:

    Los Lobos- Maybe I’m a Leo

  21. Ronnie Says:

    I actually think Tom would do a great cover of ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ and a stripped back version of ‘Demon’s Eye’ (like Ann I love his most recent album). Right, off to consider what Kings Of Leon might do justice to (how sad am I?!).

  22. Tim Summers Says:

    For some reason (maybe due to a subliminal ‘Oddity’) ‘Space Truckin’ by David Bowie was the first thing to pop into my head for this…and the more I thought about it, the more I could imagine him actually singing it. Think of his phrasing on such as ‘The fireball that we rode was moving, but now we’ve got a new machine’ for example. He’d understate (speak) the chorus, naturally…

  23. Raj Kohli Says:

    Ps what a great subject!

  24. Raj Kohli Says:

    Eliza Doolittle does a great stripped down version of Life on Mars… I would love to hear her sing Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming.

    Bizzarely I also think Dolly Parton could do Anyone’s Daughter justice and there is room for The Cranberries taking on The Aviator…..

  25. Graham Dobb Says:

    Re: the crediting of original blues songs to Tom, I think you can do this if the original song is out of copyright.

    Has anyone else got “Dopes On The Water” by Nash The Slash? It’s all played without an electric guitar too….

    I’d like to hear Endless Boogie doing Space Truckin’ or Jack White covering Never Before.

  26. Michiel Blijboom Says:

    Cream doing Lazy?!

  27. Gary Critcher Says:

    I don’t know any modern groups…

  28. Jason Hillenburg Says:

    How about Van Morrison singing Blind Man?

  29. Roy Watson Davis Says:

    Pulp-Maybe I’m a Leo
    Motorhead-Highway Star
    Bob Marley-Never Before

  30. spockadee Says:

    Clutch, Fu-Manchu, Boris, Beck, The Melvins, Mudhoney and The Flaming Lips are your lineup!

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