DTB News Round Up – 8 – Oct 2011

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Firstly I apologise if anyone got this sent out the other day before I’d been through correcting it and adding the images. If so ignore, and read this version before emailing me a list of spelling mistakes (and then email me a smaller list). Been locked down trying to get our first book to the printers, so plenty to catch up on.


Deep Purple BBC Sessions Update – The BBC Sessions set is now due first week of November. EMI have sorted a competition for Darker Than Blue, with a chance to win a finished copy of the box set edition. The title is also coming out in Japan but just as a CD. There are already press adverts around for it in the UK. Please note that due to the high dealer price, we will not be able to carry massive extra stock of the box version, so do pre-order if possible. We do not yet know the limitedness of the limited edition!
Talking of Japan, for people who follow the format, they are issuing a few of the older Deep Purple and related titles as JVC K2HD HQCD format CDs in Japan around now – I’ve just seen the Machine Head version.
A new US TV series charting the history of Heavy Metal (Metal Evolution) has segments on Deep Purple, and new interviews with IP, JL, RG, DC and GH. Footage is as you’d expect but it’s pretty well put together. Not sure when or where it screens.
I was having a quick blast of House Of Blue Light the other day, and checked out the lyrics to Black & White. Amazingly current in view of the scandal surrounding the phone hacking antics of journalists in the UK lately, with News Of The World given a direct name check! Still a rubbish production sound mind.
The famous KB Hallen in Denmark was destroyed by fire in late September (28th). This is the venue where DP were filmed for the Machine Head Live / Scandinavian Nights (March 1972) footage – they first played there in November 1970. It was a listed building too. They plan to build a new one.

K B Hallen fire Deep Purple
Talking of fires, the Sony Warehouse which our disaffected youth torched back in August affected distribution of CD in the UK quite heavily. It was good to note that some other media distributors, particularly Proper Music, pulled together and offered spare warehouse capacity for affected label who would normally go through Sony.
And talking of famous buildings, we’ve had news that people are trying to locate the building DP used to write and rehearse Perfect Strangers. “Horizons” in Stowe, Vermont. With the local historical society also involved, maybe it’ll be a blue plaque day for the band.   That retro Deep Purple Liverpool 1976 poster is at last ready at the store. Had I known how much hard work it was going to take I might not have bothered but the end result looks great!


Jon has responded to the many comments of support which have been posted on sites since he went public about his battle with cancer. We can’t do better than to quote a few sentences:

Just a quick line or two from an absolutely overwhelmed, gratified and humbled musician.
Your responses to the news of my condition have touched my heart in a way that has truly helped to make my life a better place to be than it had occasionally threatened to become these last few weeks.
Your wonderful messages wishing me strength and courage have given me even more strength and courage – and so much more than you can ever know.
I read many of them with tears in my eyes, grateful for this cast-iron proof of the innate goodness of the human being, and grateful to every single one of you for your invaluable support.
This message goes out too to all the similarly wonderful folk on other websites whose support has been equally warm and strong and I want you all to know how greatly heartened and comforted I am by all this.
The treatment continues and I am confident and being supported by my glorious family and an amazing group of friends.

In the meantime the Concerto V3 is progressing. The rhythm section on the recording has been announced, and comprises Brett Morgan on drums and Guy Pratt on bass, who has worked with JL in the past. Joe Bonamassa, Kasia Laska and Steve Balsalmo are also all confirmed as working on The Concerto. Well I say confirmed; footage of them working on it in Abbey Road appeared on the net, then disappeared just as quickly! We expect an early 2012 release now.
There is a likelyhood of Jon Lord’s Bucharest 2009 show [which is out on CD in a limited format] being issued later on DVD. Let’s hope the people doing it manage to package it better than the CD. We’ve also just discovered that Jon’s guest slot on a live performance of David Bedford’s The Odyssey has turned up on CD at last. Taped back in 1977 we thought it had been lost forever. It can be ordered at DTBOnline. Sadly Bedford died just a few weeks ago. There is a brief obituary outlining his DP connection on the blog.


Vinyl fans will be interested that the recent 2CD remastering of Born Again is now coming out on 180gms wax as a double 18 track LP. Disc two is the 1983 Reading set. (Silly Universal. You should have added it to 7 CDs we’d already got and put it in a big box set…). It can be ordered at DTBOnline Store.
James Gemmell, reporter/anchor at News/Talk 1340 WJRW-AM in Grand Rapids, has posted a new interview with Ian Gillan, done on the US tour, which you can find on their website and listen to. Tell them who sent you.
Not directly connected, but the two Hard Stuff CDs are coming out here on CD soon. Although issued originally on Purple Records, they are coming out on another label and being overseen by John Gustafson. The Gillan connection? He wrote a track called Monster In Paradise, which Hard Stuff covered. Again listed at DTBOnline.


The Blackmore / Paice sessioned Shatner album (Seeking Major Tom – not Searching, as I think we may have called it in error before) is out – the 2CD at any rate (the TRIPLE vinyl album is delayed due to much bigger advance orders than expected, they had to get more pressed). The US label kindly sent me a CD over to review (on the blog). Shouldn’t that have been ‘transported’? Ritchie mixed a little low, but unmistakable. You can order at DTBOnline Shop if you haven’t already (or the Klingons will get there first). Shatner told one reporter that “Deep Purple wanted me to sing with them when they play(ed) in London this year.” He says he can’t make it (maybe he’s referring to the Sunflower Jam just gone, rather than the forthcoming orchestral dates…).
candice night reflectionsThe first solo Candice Night CD is also out and she looks very glam on the sleeve. Reviews on the blog site. We ran a competition here to win promo copies, and have contacted the three winners (Jason Rodericks, Andrew Butler and Fernando from Brazil). Comments from Blackmore’s Night’s UK shows indicate very much business as usual, and the York show appears to have been filmed for a live DVD, with little Autumn making her stage debut. The band have also reissued their Christmas Carols CD – well reissued, I think they just push it this time each year as a seasonal type release. Give us a call if you want to order.
Work is advancing on the next two Rainbow Deluxe remasters from Universal. Bonus material for Long Live and On-Stage has been rescued from aging 2″ masters and will be sifted to see what’s what. The problem is the old tape boxes aren’t too clear, so it’s fingers crossed.
Lastly Roy Davies’ long out of print 2002 book Rainbow Rising is due out as a reprint very shortly, and can be pre-ordered. It’s been very sought after and for some reason the publishers are only doing a limited run. I’ve reserved a pile for DTB customers.


The Teaser Deluxe CD which came out a few months ago will be released in Japan at the end of the year. I’m told it will have a bonus track.


EMI have put together a massive Whitesnake Box Set for November. It’s called Box Of Snakes, The Sunburst Years. Early indications left us less than overwhelmed. It has 9 CDs, seven are just the regular track listings, NOT the latest extended editions (albeit in mini LP card covers). So you’re being asked to buy editions which are shorter! However the other two CDs are the 1979 and 1980 Reading broadcasts from the BBC, which are new (though still a bit naughty to not have them as stand-alone titles). The box does have a DVD in, with promotional videos and some footage off the BBC (Top Of The Pops), though we’re not sure how many are new to DVD. Which just leaves a 90 page book, a 7″ single and a flash flight case looking outer box to entice buyers. But I assume most old-time Whitesnake fans will already have the white vinyl Snakebite EP (and if not it’s hardly a difficult one to find). Artists really have very little idea when it comes to their own history. It’s not cheap but we have it to pre-order and will pack really thoroughly. Full track details are on the blog on the review/preview section.
Meanwhile the mighty Whitesnake Book is storming ahead at last. I’ve been shown some of the test pages and it looks very classy. Hopefully we’ll be able to post some previews on the blog soon.
Meanwhile they are re-releasing Good To Be Bad in Japan (only) as Still Good To Be Bad, with a new bonus DVD, which seems a bit of a swizz for everyone who bought this first time round! The DVD has several acoustic performances from 2008 in New York, a couple of promos, and other Odds’n Ends.

david coverdale whitesnake live
There is another new Whitesnake photo gallery on the website, shot in Bournemouth, 19th June 2011, by Jerome Milliet (that’s one of his shots here). Oh, and DC has just celebrated his 60th birthday!


GH has announced three more solo UK shows in May 2012, London, Manchester and Glasgow (dates at deep-purple.net), supported by Fish of all people. Seems a strange coupling to me. He is also doing some more shows with Matt Filippini Band in November 2011
More on the BCC Live Over Europe DVD, which they’re now saying was shot at three shows in Germany, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Early copies have a 28-page collector’s booklet and 20-minutes of “behind the scenes” footage and photo collection. Vue will be holding a one off screening of Live Over Europe at 16 of its cinemas on 1st November, so check to see if you’re near one chosen.
BCC have been nominated for Best Band and Album of the Year in the forthcoming Classic Rock Awards.
Glenn autobiography – the regular retail version – is also due out in November (not October as previously thought), and can be pre-ordered at DTBOnline.


Anyone who bought the album Angelfire with Steve Morse recently will be chuffed to know that they’re issuing it again as a digital edition with new mixes by Steve, the original (unused) 12-page booklet, a promotional video with interviews and studio footage, a full-length studio performance of “Far Gone Now,” and an art gallery from four artists. Er shouldn’t this have been issued before the regular version? Existing owners will apparently be able to upgrade. For a small charge. As downloads.


Don Airey was interviewed before the last DP show in Dresden. The band are already lining up shows for 2012, including a return trip to Canada. He also seems to scotch those VH1 stories about there not being a new album due, by saying they’ve already got around nine tracks written. He is also adding his name to the rock biography racks next year too.
There’s a vinyl edition of Gary Moore’s 2006 CD Old New Ballads Blues due in October, 2LP set, with Don Airey on keyboards.

Thanks to • James Gemmell / Nigel Young / Robert Lundgren / Johan Antonides / Tim Summers

NOTICES • Lee Worrall has an ebay auction for DP tickets and backstage pass going on. It’s being organised for charity. I hope it’s still up (if not, sorry Lee!).

DTB man Tonny Steenhagen has been busy with his camera and produced an online exhibition of images from Devon. You can check his work out at the link. He is selling prints locally and raising money for an African charity. We wish him good luck with the project.

And finally…. “Last week I was in Prague with my friends for holiday and I saw this particular Sushi restaurant!” Luca Bariffi.

deep purple made in japan sushi restaurant


4 Responses to “DTB News Round Up – 8 – Oct 2011”

  1. simon robinson Says:

    That’s easy Dave as I’ve only seen BCC this year (and even then while I enjoyed it I think I preferred Glenn at his solo shows over the years).

  2. simon robinson Says:

    Well mine is easy enough, as I’ve only seen Glenn this year – with BCC. So even though overall I have preferred his solo shows over the years, by default this is my only entry.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Sad to hear about the concert hall in Denmark being set on fire and the demolition of the venue in Berlin. I love that pic of Ritchie on the front cover of Finyl Vinyl with the huge hall behind him. Anyway, a lot to look forward to next year including DVD and album releases from Blackmore Night and hopefully see them again on tour. I am really hoping someone would release a live album from the Graham Bonnet fronted Rainbow. I have heard some of the live stuff on the web ( and the limited footage from Monsters Of Rock ) and it sounds amazing…we can only hope I guess. Keep up the great work guys on DTB.

  4. Helmut Says:

    Talking of buildings which are currently being demolished, I would add the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin, the inside of which can be seen on the front cover shot of “Finyl vinyl”.

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