Keep Calm and….

Deep Purple Keep Calm And Carry On…carry on. Seems just about every single shop we looked in last Saturday had a Keep Calm & Carry On poster, mug, tea-cosy or similar. Not to mention the many variations, of which some are quite clever. I bet that old book shop in Alnwick wish they’d copyrighted the idea now.

Anyhow, while I was working on the Come Taste package, and Tony Edwards wasn’t feeling too chipper, I knocked up a Deep Purple version for a laugh. It was quite hard working the Deep Purple song title in, and I’m still not sure it works 100% but I came across it while I was backing up the artwork the other day to clear some badly needed disc space on the G4, so here you go.

If enough people were interested we could look at printing some up!


5 Responses to “Keep Calm and….”

  1. Chris A. Says:

    Maybe you could do a version for fans of CSN&Y too? (Carry On)?

  2. Peter Minihane Says:

    That would make a fine t-shirt! Saw a “Keep Calm And Mellotron” shirt last week!

  3. timinox Says:

    Keep Calm and ‘Hold On’?

  4. Lee Wood Says:

    A fine effort, Simon, and one that puts a smile on a ‘Drifter’s’ mug, while he wonders what a ‘Gambler’ would think of the whole Kit and Caboodle? Like the economy, it’s ‘Gettin’ Tighter’ these days, and every smile is worth it’s weight in Cabernet? Something to keep ‘Comin’ Home’ to? Keep on doing the Good Thing for us all in Purple Land, — your efforts are always appreciated, and the legacy couldn’t be kept alive by a better soul than yours! ‘This Time Around’, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head — and Sid James would be proud…………..

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