DTB News Round Up – 9 – Nov 2011

darker than blue newsletter 9

DTB • Intensely busy period at DTB, with a number of new releases all hitting the streets on the same week. We’ve been shipping the Deep Purple BBC Sessions (both formats), Montreux 2011 (two video formats), the monster Whitesnake box and the Colin Hart biography, with New Live & Rare vinyl going out as well (yes, it’s arrived at long last). The vinyl box sets needed very carefully packaging, and this did delay them by a day or two, as we figured customers would prefer this to them arriving sooner but biffed. Astonishingly EMI shipped the Whitesnake boxes loose inside card outers, and 50% of our stock arrived damaged and had to be replaced. Anyhow, all these can be blagged at the DTBOnline Store.
The BBC Sessions set has had some nice comments, and we’ve put the answers to the BBC Box Set competition on the site too; as usual I was outfoxed by a couple of people on one of the questions! Ann chose a couple of winners after I’d numbered all the correct entries and we have contacted the people direct.
Moving to politics for a moment (!) there is confirmation that the Channel islands VAT tax-loophole will finally end in April 2012. This means that UK traders who sell vat rated goods will at last be able to compete more fairly against the large online firms who outsourced their operations there to escape paying UK Vat (at a cost to the country of £140 million a year). DTBOnline has supported the campaign which was begun five years ago by Richard Allen, whose own online CD business was forced to close when the 20% price difference began to hit hard in the UK. It should also help those record shops which remain.
Deep Purple In Rock UK label
EMI Sold • I’m not sure how the sale this month of EMI to Universal (Polydor as was!) will affect future plans, although it does potentially bring the classic catalogue into the same home as some of the early reunion era. I should find out more in the next week or so. Just to confuse people, here’s an early In Rock Harvest UK label without the EMI box! It’s on sale for around £120…

Deep Purple • Deep Purple themselves are back in the UK towards the end of the month for four shows with the orchestra. Do let us know what you think if you’re going along.
The dates (along with all other shows) are listed on the DPAS web site.
Gillan and Glover turned up for the Classic Rock Awards the other day and started a new game of which was the oldest band present on the night…
Ian Gillan has also been talking about the state of Deep Purple to the local Birmingham newspaper reporter Ian Harvey ahead of the NEC The Songs That Built Rock show.
“Don’t get me into that. The title of the tour, well it’s a marketing thing. It just seems a little trite to me but I guess you’ve got to name it something. Jon Lord’s concerto was a piece of work that was based around two great elements of music, the brash, new rock and roll bands of the 60s and the traditional symphony orchestras – this is something entirely different.
That had its own majesty about it – it was an original piece of work. This is not really symphonic at all, it’s a completely different approach. It’s more like watching a big band, it’s more like the Count Basie Orchestra. It’s actually very funky, it swings like crazy and it works like a dream.
I wasn’t thrilled with the idea when it first came up. But when we started tinkering round with the kind of material we’re using we realised how well it works. The orchestra is very much integrated into the band. We don’t actually use them on every song. There are some songs where there’s no validity for having an orchestra, which makes it even more dynamically interesting during the show.
It’s fantastic, when you hear something like Perfect Strangers, the orchestra gives such power to the riffs and to the structure of the song. And then you hear them swing like a train on songs like Lazy. It’s incredible, it’s quite an experience.
It’s totally different to an ordinary Deep Purple show. It’s edgy, very edgy . . . with lots of mistakes!”
On the subject of a new album, IG hedges his bets.

”The fact is that we’ve been touring flat out. We did 48 countries last year. We’re getting so much off on that we just don’t feel the drive at the moment for writing. We were in Spain for a little while and we had a week off. We spent most of the time in the bar to be honest with you. It was a good session but nothing absolutely dynamic came out of it.
I think to get some progress as far as an album’s concerned you’ve got to have a target, you’ve got to work to a date, and that gives you pressure. If you’ve got the pressure you get stuff done. We don’t have a plan to be honest.
I think there probably will be another album.”
Read the whole piece at the paper’s web site.

Bernie Marsden • Bernie Marsden guested with Joe Bonammasa at the Hammersmith Odeon the other week. It looks as if the pair share a lot of musical roots and there is talk of Bernie writing with Joe in the future which would be good for both. Meanwhile Joe Bonamassa, Kasia Laska and Steve Balsalmo have all been confirmed as working on The Concerto new edition which is slated for early 2012 release. Jon also features on the album.

Deep Purple Advert KinemaBooks • Exciting news this week is that at long last the wait for Nigel Young’s fabled Deep Purple Concert Diary is coming to an end. The book will finally be published during 2012. It will be released initially as a special edition by the same team which has been responsible for the upcoming Whitesnake Definitive Biography book (for which Nigel has also contributed a detailed concert list – this book is due out in December). The idea is that there will be a special edition of the Diary which will now incorporate material originally collected for the Deep Purple Poster Book I’d been working on, as well as other memorabilia from the DTB Archives. It’s impossible to say at this stage how long the book will be, but the last time I saw a draft the written content alone was well over 350 pages of close type. I will open a page for the book on the blog and keep people updated.
For anyone new to this project, in essence the Diary aims to list every single concert engagement between 1968 and 1976, as well as recording dates, sessions, guest slots, TV and media bookings, record release dates and other events. The data is augmented by contemporary reviews and quotes, and this will all be backed up by press adverts, cuttings, tickets and posters. I’ve lost track a little but I’m pretty sure Nigel has been working on and off on the book for over ten years now.
I’m sure I don’t have to go over the superlatives of the project again, and given that it has been advertised two or three times already but failed to appear, we have waited until we were at last certain of publication.
Talking of books, Roy Davies’ long out of print 2002 book Rainbow Rising reprint we mentioned in an earlier update is NOT available to retailers and will only be sold via the publishers direct. Our apologies to anyone who pre-ordered, we have taken it back off the catalogue.
On the other hand import stock of Martin Popoff’s two Deep Purple family diaries have at last arrived (along with more supplies of his other Deep Purple biographgies) so we are shipping out to people who pre-ordered. The books are reviewed on the blog, as is former road manager Colin Hart’s book.
Lastly it looks as if the Tony Ashton biography is due to be published before long. Tony put this together not long before he died and it has been looking for a home ever since. More details anon.
elf early photograph ronnie dio
ELF • DTB readers in America are reporting seeing adverts for a new CD compilation of early Ronnie Dio material from pre-Elf days. “And Before Elf… There Were Elves” seems to be an official project – not the least because it is coming out on the Niji label which Ronnie and his wife Wendy set up, and has been overseen by one of the band’s engineers. It has a dozen tracks, most seemingly from a live recording, with the band line-up of David Feinstein (guitar); Mickey Lee Soule (keyboards); Gary Driscoll (drums) and Ronnie Dio (vocals – that’s him on the left!). It’s fairly formative as you might imagine! Taped in 1971 it is US only at the moment but we’re trying to find out more. The label has also put together some live Dio archive titles from his shows at Donington.
Jon Lord Hammond advert
Sponsored by Jon Lord • A friend visited the Musical Instruments Fair in Tokyo during November and on the Hammond Organ stand saw details of a newish keyboard which was endorsed by Jon Lord according to the display boards. Mind you I spoke to one keyboard player recently who reckon the Hammond was actually a bit disappointing, and other firms have done a better job of providing classic Hammond sounds in the digital arena. Apparently you an even get a Leslie Emulator now, Geoff Downes was using one on the recent Yes shows.

Top Gear • Timothy Campbell says he watched the ‘James May Man Lab’ show (BBCTV Nov 1) and spotted a brief ‘interview’ with Glenn backstage at the High Voltage festival! What a strange programme to be covering Deep Purple musicians, but maybe they’ll let the Top Gear guys loose with a proper rock show before long.

Thanks to • Paul Masters, Tim Summers, Mark Zevenhuijzen, Nigel Young, Masaki Tanaka, Mark Zevenhuijzen.

13 Responses to “DTB News Round Up – 9 – Nov 2011”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    I’ve been listening today to Before I Forget – a hugely enjoyable and quite memorable album by Jon Lord from the early 80’s I think. Most of the (then) Bad Company is on it as well as guests from Whitesnake and other Friends. I really recommend it – so Bach Onto This! The classic sound from the best organist. Cheers, Ian.

    • simon robinson Says:

      1982 Ian. A bit of a strange grab-bag assortment of an album to me, some great tracks, others are more a matter of taste, especially in the vocal department.

  2. Stephen Clare Says:

    Wasn’t the Kinema Ballroom show November 1969, not 1970? They were in Denmark/Sweden around that time in 1970.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Indeed they were Stephen (and others who emailed); that’ll teach me not to check the oracle. I was doing a bit of nosing about on cinema architects; my old local Sheffield flea pit is a rare survivor and the folk trying to raise funds to restore it are really struggling as the local council have decided to whack them for full business rates while only allowing them to stage 12 find-raising events a year…

      • Ghoulz Says:

        Deep Purple played The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline on 16th November 1969 and 22nd March 1970 as advertised in our local newspaper The Dunfermline Press and accurately listed on my site KinemaGigz.com which tells the whole story of the Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline. The site contains almost 100 pages of information – Only one of which is dedicated to local cinemas. Also I would appreciate a credit on the page where you display the advert you have taken from my site without permission. Thank you.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Sorry about that Ghoulz, people can get through to this site by using the link in the comment above.

  3. Tom Dixon Says:

    Purple at the Classic Rock Awards: they picked an “Innovators” award. I find that hard to stomach when I look at the set lists for the last umpteen years! Also I remember the tour before last, when I went to 4 shows in one week – Gillan’s between song chatter was identical every night too! We need a new album and a new set list – I will not be going to any of the dates this year. The first tour I will have ‘missed’ since 1995.
    Elf – Simon, it is available in this country too. I have a copy with a snazzy cover which changes from a vintage picture of the Elves to the Elf cover with RJD snarling (like the special 2 view, semi 3d cards you used to be able to get in the late 60s). It is an interesting listen – similar to, but different songs, to the stuff on the Early Dio site. Worth it for completists and those who would listen to RJD sing the ‘phone book (me!).

  4. John Handy Says:

    Saw the Elf CD recently at a record fair in Birmingham priced £12.99, didn’t realize it was U.S. release only tho..? 12 tracks from the “Live at the Bank” (1972) bootleg. But cover is done in a nice 2 pic hologram style… see the ‘Elf’ that dons their debut album cover… turn it slightly & see a group shot of the band. Shrink wrapped, but if my memory serves me correct it’s in a card gate-fold, not a jewel case.

  5. Roberto Says:

    The Shadettes (aka Nazareth) supported Deep Purple from the early years…

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks Roberto, I didn’t know the support were an early incarnation of Nazareth! This flyer (it’s not a great quality image) was for a show in Scotland in November 1970.

  6. Jeff Says:

    I really appreciate the Darker than Blue site and its offerings over the years. It has been frustrating recently as I want to hear more news regarding the Rainbow remastering project, the Perfect Strangers remaster and the possible Made in Japan anniversary set.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I fully understand.I think in days gone by we could rabbit a bit between fans and it didn’t much matter. These days we have to be more careful as stuff it round the world before you know it. Also when contracts and deals are involved, it can be a little sensitive. I got a bit of a ticking off by mentioning the Perfect Strangers set too early for example!

  7. scott w. Says:

    And just yesterday i enquired about Nigels book! Guess we will find out soon when it is published!

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