Glenn Hughes – Band on the Wall, Manchester, November 22nd 2011

Set List: It’s Only A Dream / Seafull / Coast To Coast / Will Our Love End /Holy Man / I Found A Woman / From Now On  / This House /  Frail / Too Late to Save the World  / Imperfection / Satellite / Crossfire / Little Secret / Faithless / I Don’t Want to Live That Way Again 

Glenn Hughes - The Autobiography

Glenn Hughes - The Autobiography

Billed as  ‘An evening with’ this concert was the last of a short UK tour of ‘intimate’ venues to promote the launch of Glenn’s autobiography.  Signed copy of the book duly purchased & mates met up with, I made my way into the concert hall.  Pretty much all standing (as opposed to other seated venues on the tour), the audience were fairly well packed in by the 8 o’clock start time when Glenn strode out onto the stage.

 Just as his book lays Glenn’s life  bare – warts ‘n’ all –  (“it’s the secrets that will kill you” being his explanation), so he’s laid bare as a performer tonight – just him, a microphone and an acoustic guitar…oh, and a copy of his book which he reads a few choice extracts from during the evening.

 I’ve seen Glenn perform live around 20 times since his ‘comeback’ in 1994 and much as I’ve enjoyed each performance, none have affected me on quite such an emotional level as this one.  Part of this may be down to my reading his book since the concert, but there’s more to it than just that.  The songs were presented in chronological order apart from the final track, and were interspersed with little stories of how the songs came about, or where Glenn was at in his life at that point and it was a spellbinding performance admired by a largely reverential audience.  The honesty in Glenn’s story telling shone through and Glenn wasn’t just singing the songs, he was living them, pouring everything he had into each performance, and in such an intimate environment too. There was a part during ‘Frail’ when Glenn stopped playing his guitar for a minute and simply used his voice which was simply mesmerising and emphasised again what talent the man has.

 Hopefully the proposed live album will transpire as this was a wonderfully enjoyable evening which will stay with me for quite some time.

 Tim Summers



5 Responses to “Glenn Hughes – Band on the Wall, Manchester, November 22nd 2011”

  1. Andy Worthington Says:

    Attended the same event, I was left speechless by the end of the evening, I don’t think the superlatives have been found yet to summarise the evening, emotional, funny, hardworking and definitely a one off as far as Glenn evenings go

  2. Jerry Bloom Says:

    To Paul Sinkinson: At every one of the previous shows Glenn signed but unfortunately he did come over all weak towards the end of the show, so sadly had to omit the one song encore, and was in no fit state to make his usual appearance afterwards to sign books. Glenn and the rest of us were all bitterly disappointed by this and especially as he took a turn for the worst on the very night we were recording! But I am happy to say Glenn recovered by the time he got back to his hotel, and the problem wasn’t as serious as we first thought and we hope it didn’t spoil your evening too much.

  3. paul sinkinson Says:

    I was also at the Band on the Wall gig, and have a few issues with the evening’s entertainment. It was a fabulous intimate show, giving Glenn the platform to exercise that wonderful voice. But as the show neared the end, Glenn took ill and the show was cut short with no encores. I’m sure was not alone in hoping for more Deep Purple numbers, or even some of his recent solo stuff (Soul Mover would have been nice). After buying a copy of his book, the post gig book signing which we queued up for was also cancelled. Shame to end the night on such a downbeat manner, but we all hope Glenn’s ok

  4. Peter Xuereb Says:

    This obviously follows on from the Deep Purple “Phoenix Rising” DVD where Glenn was most brutally honest about his issues during his career with Purple Mk’s III & IV. If only more problemed rock stars has this kind of guts to own up to his problems, face them head on, deal with them and come out the other side standing on 2 feet. His resurgence is a great thing especially his work with Black Country Communion. Great to hear his great voice in full glory again. Congrats Glenn!

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