DTB News Round Up – 10 – Nov 2011

Deep Purple have been garnering some great reviews from the UK shows (“I can honestly say that the Deep Purple gig tonight in Manchester was not only the best Purple gig that I’ve ever been to but was the best gig I’ve ever been to full stop.”). Do feel free to add your own thoughts. We have a selection of reviews on the DPAS website and more on the DTB blog.

Deep Purple USA June 2011

Deep Purple on stage in USA June 2011

In the meantime the group have already announced a new set of dates for November / December. That’s November / December 2012! Running through France and Germany mainly. If you can’t wait that long to plan your holidays, some dates in Canada have been pencilled in for February. Doubtless inspired by the massive demand in France to see the band, they’re going after the French ex-pat market now (though some have questioned the wisdom given the likely weather there at that time of year). Check the dates on the deep-purple.net gig guide. Mind you, Chris Meloche in Canada says he got advance notice of pre-sale tickets and went to book a seat. Ticket prices were high enough but, when he got to the end of the purchase transaction, a service charge was added making the single ticket well over a hundred dollars! “Unfortunately, I am going to have to pass on seeing one of my favorite bands.” Just give thanks it wasn’t Paul McCartney at the O2 Arena Chris, best seats are over four figures. Actually some of the Canadian tickets were topping out at over $200; maybe this was a meet and greet sort of deal.
The Manchester Evening News’s Purple-friendly Paul Taylor gave the show a good write up: “Deep Purple always were the most eclectic of hard-rockers, with blues, jazz and classical influences jostling amid the busy brew. But with an orchestra in tow they range even further across the musical genres. And the whole things gels beautifully.” Read the full review here.
The Guardian also sent a reviewer (Dave Simpson) along. Once he’d got the clichés out of the way (and they did take up over half the review) he seems to have got into it. “Superbly conducted, the musicians know just when to swoop in, and when to let the evergreen hard rockers have their wicked way. Space Truckin’ rocks ferociously, Hush sounds symphonically psychedelic. Best of all is Smoke on the Water, accompanied by footage of what looks like a giant living-flame gas fire. It’s such a stupidly enjoyable fusion of rock and classical music you half expect the violinists to set their instruments ablaze.”
Someone pointed out it’s worth highlighting that Deep Purple’s show at the Gelredome, Arnhem, Holland on Dec 2. 2011 saw the first full live version of The Mule (incl. drum solo) since late 1972. Gillan sounded as though he caught up on this by listening to the Made in Japan. It was still in the set the following night too.
“The Spinal Tap moment for me was the merchandise stall,” wrote Jamie of the UK tour. “They were flogging T-shirts with the lyrics to Smoke on the back – and had managed to spell Montreux very wrongly”.
And no I didn’t go; I just increasingly of late have had this feeling that I need to draw a line somewhere. I’ve drawn it with the current output from Whitesnake, Blackmore, etc. And when I saw the venue list that settled it. My knees are still aching from the last time I went to the MEN! And no excuses for the venues either. Manchester has the Bridgewater Hall, Sheffield City Hall was designed to fit a full Hallé Orchestra onto the specially banked stage regularly…
Ian Paice was quizzed at a drum clinic in Italy recently about the next Deep Purple studio album, and is reported as saying the band parts are all finished and they were just waiting for Ian Gillan to do his bits. This does rather contradict the last information which came from Ian Gillan, and could mean all sorts of things. Perhaps there is a basic set of backings sorted and they will move forward when Ian has got some vocal ideas together. Or maybe just some demos. Anyhow, a glimmer of hope for something new in 2012. We’ve added a couple more reviews of the US leg of the tour to the site too, thanks to Harry Heathman (his wife took the great photo of the DP originals above in June).

Deep Purple • Retro – Thanks to those who spotted that the old Deep Purple Kinema ad I showed last time is from 1969 not 1970 as we put. I only stumbled on it hunting around doing some research on old cinema architecture after being allowed a peep round my old local flea-pit which still survives but is struggling despite the efforts of volunteers to find a way to reopen it.
Work on the California Jam book is progressing, and I’m in touch with the guy who introduced all the bands on the night. He also had to face up to Blackmore when it all kicked off backstage. Should be interesting. The band’s take on it all is of course well documented, but the pressure on the organisers and TV company must have been enormous given the way it was all set up, so it will be good to get a view from the other side. More details shortly.
I’ve finally got around to organising some of the Come Taste The Band remastered reviews on the blog.
The owner of one of the ultra-rare red vinyl Japanese copies of Concerto put it up for sale again recently. It started off at four figures, but appears to be dropping each time it doesn’t sell. Who will be the first to crack? Mind you, bargains can still be had; Jeff Breis just picked up a Tetragrammaton pressing of Concerto for $5.00. I offered to double his money but he wouldn’t take it! Also offered for sale recently was a poster from the band’s 1973 Japanese tour, but again it failed to reach the reserve of over $1,000.
A guy has come back out of the woodwork with around 300′ of super 8 film shot at the Radio City Music Hall in 1976 which sounds interesting. Though again like the MIJ stuff it is probably silent.
There is another wedge of paper sleeve reissues scheduled for Japan early in 2012. These include Coverdale’s first two albums, Live In London, In Concert 1970-1972, Live in Stockholm (UK Connoisseur sleeve) plus the first three albums Shades of Deep Purple, The Book of Taliesyn and Deep Purple 3rd album in both UK and US sleeves. Though quite how you’ll be able to tell the difference at CD size on the last two I’m not sure.
In the meantime we have started a 40 Year On Machine Head Diary on the blog (like the Motorcycle Diaries, but without the bikes. Or the jerks who rode them), which is a sort of day by day as it happens (sorry Jimmy) featurette from the upcoming Smoke book. Also new is a feature on Made In Japan sleeve copyists – more than you’d perhaps imagine.
Glenn Hughes • We’ve got a review of the Glenn Hughes solo show on the blog, which sounds very interesting. The final show in Manchester was recorded. The Glenn Hughes book – which these shows were designed to promote – is now back in stock at DTBOnline Store. I think most of the available copies went on the road so both their distributors went out of stock. The book is actually being printed in China, shipped to America and freighted over to Europe for some reason.
Meanwhile for anyone counting, the earlier limited edition version of Glenn’s book ended up as 500 copies, split as follows; 100 Deluxe version (550 pounds, packaged in white satin or something); 400 Signature version (300 pounds). Both were the same book but with different packaging. One guy we know who bought the posh version wasn’t too impressed to find several of his images in there uncredited and unpaid for!
Glenn also appeared on November 28th at the Royal Albert Hall as a guest at the latest Rhapsody of Rock show from Swedish pianist Robert Wells.
rock meets classic advertIan Gillan • has been booked up for the next Rock Meets Classic Tour, January 2012 in Germany, along with Steve Lukather (Toto), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), The Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague and others. The dates are on the website (dtb link)
Don Airey • Short interviews with Don and Doogie in Record Collector this month. Standard format (first record, most important, what are you after, etc). Doogie revealed he’d desperately like to re-form Rainbow with Blackmore… Gillan was interviewed by Stuart Maconie for twenty minutes the other night on BBC Radio 2, catch it on iPlayer.
Don Airey guests on two tracks on his brother Keith’s band’s (Aireya 51 – don’t groan) new album. Tim Summers says he saw Aireya 51 supporting Uriah Heep in Holmfirth the other evening and during the inevitable plug for the album on sale at the merch. stand, Keith said “It features guest keyboards by my brother Don, who can’t be here tonight as he’s busy with some dodgy little outfit called… Deep Purple”. Don is on two tracks.
Ronnie Dio • The Elves CD I mentioned last time (‘And Before Elf, There Were Elves’) is from one of the few bootlegs of the group around so looks like the label (Niji Entertainment) is making it legit. The problem is that the original bootleg from 1971 (‘Live At The Bank’) is twice as long as the official CD but the packaging is nice. It’s available at DTBOnline store.
Niji are issuing a Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll picture disc LP soon and an Elf (first album) picture disc LP on record store day in April next year (US we assume). You can also order a baseball from them with a facsimile of RJD’s autograph on it. Hmmm.
Rather more fun was hearing Ronnie get name-checked in the final part of BBC4’s story of American Art when one of the young turks was trying to explain his rather amazing sculpture pieces; a skeleton in rainbow colours (which he referred to as a rainbow in the dark and credited our Ronnie!).
Last post • Lastly as the snow tips down outside anyone wanting to order anything from DTBOnline Store is reminded of the dreaded ‘last posting dates’. Ann has emailed all our regular customers about this. We have added the latest versions of both the latest Catalogue Update and the Collectors Listing to the blog (the latter includes one one-off items, rarities, deletions, memorabilia, etc.).

Sadly we’ve been unable to source the Stargazer Lipstick in Deep Purple (see photo!) which James Bateman sent on to us. The ideal stocking filler, well for half the population anyway. Maybe they’re all out on the tour merchandise stalls as well?

Thanks to Jamie Woodward. Tim Summers. Masaki Tanaka. Allen Pamplin. Albertino Viveiros. Matthew Kean. Jeff Breis.


9 Responses to “DTB News Round Up – 10 – Nov 2011”

  1. purpledaniel Says:

    Hi Simon,
    It would be interesting to investigate further the Mk IV footage…together with the Maryland footage that you mentioned early I guess something can be done…

  2. Roberto Says:

    Gillan’s voice is truly great in “The Mule”…

  3. Alan Russell Says:

    After seeing the rare Red vinyl Concerto LP, I just had a thought. I have in my possession, the Live In Japan double LP set, complete with inner insert, wrap around band and the original photo negative in a bag, which is stapled to the inside of the sleeve. Does anyone out there know of it’s value? It is in near mint condition. Any thoughts/pointers would be great!
    Is it true the band don’t want any more live, archive releases via sonic zoom? I really enjoyed them and looked forward to the next one getting released!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s hard to be exact on the value Alan, but it does sound like the original pressing as the colour negative was only given away with the first run. If you were auctioning it online I would suggest a starting price of at least £50. As for Sonic Zoom I’ve no idea sadly. This was widely regarded as one of the best archive programmes by any band but they appear not to be able to recognise the fact!

  4. Drdp Says:

    I once got an Earth Wind & Fire ALBUM in place of my Aerosmith “Draw The Line”! The manager of the Dept. Store thought I was trying to cheat them. You mean to say I should have kept it? BS to that!

  5. Jeff Breis Says:

    The Tetragrammaton ‘Concerto’ LP that I picked up for a fiver has a Side 1 label on both sides! That’s even more rare than a regular one. How thrilling is that?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Think you should ask for your $5.00 back! Seriously, there are people who love misprinted / wrong labels and pay a premium for them. It’s one area of collecting I never quite understood. So says the person who once tried to catalogue all the lettering variations of the US River Deep Mountain High label!

  6. Mark Says:

    The FULL live version of The Mule (is) about 4 minutes long? On one website someone said the song is an instrumental…
    There’s a lot, if you don’t mind missing Blackers and Lordy, to enjoy in recent gigs but Gillan’s voice is truly embarrassing.

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