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A bit of a catch up with our first newsletter of the year (which includes a free ride on the new royal yacht OR a copy of the King James Bible). Our first book is just out and that has been keeping us very busy (and got me a star slot on local radio, sandwiched between a feature on backache and the mid-afternoon news!). More titles to follow including the first DP related offerings which are shaping up nicely. I also had some annoying problems with the email software which I was unable to solve myself so had to wait for the new year to drag our long suffering IT guy out who finally managed to fix it. Answering mail only on the webserver would be OK except for trying to wade through the spam. After a few days trying this I gave up.

Roger Glover at the Kongresshalle, Schwerin, Germany.

Nice photo by Tarik Burcoglu; Roger Glover at the Kongresshalle, Schwerin, Germany.

One of my early New Year tasks was to finish the scanning of a wedge of previously unpublished negatives of DEEP PURPLE taken in 1976 on and off stage. The backstage shots are fascinating, and I thought I recognised one of the hangers on – sure enough it turned out to be Geoff Barton, working on his lengthy US tour review for Sounds. He’s now after a copy for his wall! I’m hoping he will help us identify some of the other back-stage characters too.
Talking of Deep Purple, two decent soundboards of a show in Helsinki and another in Oslo late last year on the recent tour have been doing the rounds, albeit it as downloads only so far. Some fans have been having fun speculating as to who recorded them!
From the looks of things we’ll all be scratting around for new stuff as IG has just been quoted as saying that they will not now release a new album until 2013, backed up by a world tour. The idea is to take more time between breaks on the current world tour (which began in 2006) to write and record. It’ll not take the statisticians long to work out that the gap between LPs will be longer this time than the period the group were originally together.
More on the Canadian DP ticket prices which took fans there by surprise last year; there are also three levels of VIP, from $180 – $380 – the last price offers a side stage “experience”, a meet and greet, some merchandise and front row seats. But if you’ve got front row, I’m not sure what the stage side experience will be – unless you get a couple of numbers there, then off to your seat. At least one of the Feb shows has been pulled as a result of slow ticket sales, yet in other places they have doubled up shows due to demand. As for the band they’re pretty much booked up now until March time and beyond although no more UK shows pencilled for the time being.
Highway Star made number 11 in the NME Top 50 Guitar Solos poll in January. Amazed anyone on the staff there even knows who DP are!
Claude Nobs, the man who rescued Machine Head, features briefly in a new TV commercial for bankers UBS while Bono from U2 has been heard rubbishing DP again recently. It’s strange, according to our research, they used to spend their early rehearsals playing Smoke over and over…
Bjorn Sund has been asking about a vinyl copy of Made In Japan he picked up. It looks like the EMI 25th Anniversary Edition, except that instead of the machine numbering on the cover, it’s done by hand (a supposed edition of 500). I’m pretty sure this must be a pirate, so do be careful if you’re offered one.
BBC4 TV is trailing a show about British Rock In America, starting on January 27 (tonight!). The fast moving selection of clips clearly shows Blackmore attacking the TV camera at the Cal Jam, though we do not know if the group are featured in the programme. Looks worth a view though, indeed the channel has had a lot of good music relating programmes lately.
It’s been a little busier on the solo front; Neil Hunt let us know that Don Airey features on the new Wishbone Ash album Elegant Stealth (“their best album in years!”), specifically on the instrumental track Mud-Slick. A band I really liked (and saw a couple of times) in the 70s, so will try and check it out.

ian paice with purpendicular

Paice with the band

Ian Paice is doing two more shows with the Deep Purple tribute outfit Purpendicular in March 2012 as part of a Machine Head 40th Anniversary Tour. Paice will appear 21.03.12 – Z7 – Pratteln – Switzerland, 23.03.12 – Colos Saal – Aschaffenburg – Germany. The picture on the left shows IP with the group, from the band’s own site.
Jon Lord‘s management are backing a petition organised by some of his fans to try and have his work featured at next year’s BBC Proms event. To add your support and sign the e-petition, follow this link:   If only Jon had done some lightweight incidental music for Dr. Who it wouldn’t be an issue! So far the petition has reached the number of signees to take it forward to the next stage.
Glenn Hughes was seen as part of the house band on VH1’s That Metal Show (17 December 2011). No singing, but some cool solo bass playing apparently (cable? We can’t even get Channel 5 on our service!). Glenn’s spell with Black Sabbath also adds a personal touch to the news that Tony Iommi has announced he has had an early cancer diagnosis. I’ve always had a soft spot for early Sabbath, and would argue that Iommi is responsible for more of the genesis of metal guitar than almost anyone else. Let’s hope this illness has been caught in time.
Which I guess takes us on to Ronnie Dio. A number of top stars are lined up for a tribute album which Wendy is planning, and both Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes are amongst those in line to appear. Does this mean it’ll take the pair of them to equal one Dio vocal line?!
Glenn’s other old sparring partner David Coverdale has been subject to a fraud case recently; a guy who looked after their house and gardens was discovered to have diddled the Coverdales out of over a quarter of a million in two years through a false invoicing scam which came to light in March 2011.
Tommy Bolin has been voted into fourth place in a rather depressing poll as to which guitarist no longer alive we’d most like to see still with us. You can read the full results at
On a cheerier note that new ‘tribute’ Bolin CD set is due out shortly. It was announced late last year, albeit buried in the pre-Christmas rush, but distributors say it was hastily put back to 2012. The basic premise of the set is that guest musicians add their new parts to existing Bolin master tapes, largely the material which appeared on the Whips & Roses sets. Glenn Hughes is on two tracks, with Steve Morse adding some licks to Crazed Fandango. It’s a concept which may or may not work, and might cause some debate amongst Bolin fans too. CD 2 is devoted to an extended track, pushed to 25 minutes with all the guest guitarists playing in turn. We’ve added it to the catalogue at DTBOnline.
Hoping to have more news on the expanded Rainbow On-Stage album soon. It is looking like there will be some extra previously unissued versions of live tracks from the Japanese tour on disc 2. My ears are still ringing from a blistering version of Man On The Silver Mountain which I was testing last week. Sadly it cuts out not long before the end of the performance, maddening.

Steve morse flying colours new album

Flying Colours

Flying Colors is the name of a “new virtuoso prog/pop/rock band”, featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater) and Steve Morse. Their debut CD is due in March (and can be pre-ordered at DTBOnline). Interesting cover art too, would look great on vinyl (sales of which by the way were up 40% in the UK during 2011).
Out now (and in stock) is the Tony Ashton autobiography Zermattitis. As you might imagine from someone like Tony, he pushes the envelope of the term autobiography to the limit in many ways! We did print a chapter some years ago in Darker Than Blue magazine with Tony’s permission. I was quite interested in working with him on the project after he sent me a draft but sadly he died a few months later and without him, I couldn’t really see how it could progress (he originally planned three volumes). Anyhow, the work he did is now printed. The publishers (Wymer) have also added a short six track DVD as a bonus item.


There’s a new Sunstorm album due out right at the end of February, the band fronted by Joe Lynn Turner. The third by the group, it is titled Emotional Fire. Available at DTB Online Store.
Lastly Michael Schenker is touring the UK in May 2012 with Doogie White on vocals, four shows as part of a European tour. I have to say Schenker was great to watch when he guested with UFO as they supported BCC last year, so could be worth catching.
I’ve added the How I Got Into Deep Purple feature to the blog recently, check it out and see if it inspires your own recollections.

As well as people noted above, my thanks to Jeff Breis, Damian Phelan, Vince Budd, John Blackburn, Tim Summers, Mike Galway, Stuart Hamilton, Seher Cosgun, Nigel Young, Matthew Kean for snippets this time.


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  1. Rune Olsen Says:

    What are these rumors of a 1985 – Perfect Strangers DVD coming this year? Surely those kind of news should emerge on this blog first?!

  2. mercadeo internet Says:

    The Mark II line-up then released The House of Blue Light in 1987, which was followed by a world tour (interrupted after Blackmore broke a finger on stage while trying to catch his guitar after throwing it in the air) and another live album Nobody’s Perfect (1988) which was culled from several shows on this tour, but still largely based on the by-now familiar Made in Japan set-list. In the UK a new version of “Hush” (with Gillan on lead vocals) was released to mark 20 years of the band. In 1989, Gillan was fired as his relations with Blackmore had again soured and their musical differences had diverged too far. Originally, the band intended to recruit Survivor frontman Jimi Jamison as Gillan’s replacement, but this fell through due to complications with Jamison’s record label .

  3. jon Says:

    Thanks for this glorious article. Also a thing is that the majority of digital cameras come equipped with a zoom lens so that more or less of any scene to be included by way of ‘zooming’ in and out. All these changes in target length tend to be reflected inside the viewfinder and on big display screen right on the back of the particular camera.

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