A Kodak Moment

Certainly a moment of reflection as I take in the news of their precarious business position and think back to the days of Kodak Tri-X black and white 35mm film, my negative of choice for almost all my photography over twenty five years, and 100% of concert work in particular. I’ve still got all my darkroom kit in the hopes that one day pressures of work will ease up and allow me the luxury of getting back into hand-printing. Yet I moved over the digital a good while ago. It’s not instant availability of the picture files which swung it, but the ability to check images right away to make sure the exposure and focus was OK. It’s a shame Kodak never really played to their strengths and worked on something which offered photographers the best of both worlds. And I don’t mean those cute but flawed digital Kodak Brownies which are/were to be sold during the Olympics either.

kodak paper wrapperAs a designer I also admired the graphics on the Kodak packaging across the years, the yellow, red and black colourway endlessly reinvented on film packets, photo wallets and camera boxes. So when bits and pieces have come my way I tended to save them. And this Kodak paper carton is one. I found it at the bottom of an old filing cabinet years ago gathering dust. The biro scribbled along the edge mentioned Deep Purple so I was curious. Opening the packet I was amazed to discover the five original photographs taken for the Book Of Taliesyn inner sleeve. Wish I could track down the photographer…



3 Responses to “A Kodak Moment”

  1. Neil maughan Says:

    Best of luck on getting back into the darkroom Simon. Time…probably a more precious commodity than gold! After moving across to digital circa 2004, I must admit I gave away my darkroom kit a few years later. I used to print colour slides using the Cibachrome process and I’ve got to be honest, I don’t miss it one bit….not least from getting it in the neck from my wife as I generally used to end up spilling horrible smelly chemicals over her kitchen benches as I used to set up the Jobo processor there. I do miss the film and paper boxes though so I rather enjoyed that image you posted.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Never really got to grips with colour printing, just stuck to black and white and I could understand it more. Always made me laugh seeing processing on TV with everyone wearing fancy plastic gloves…

  2. Bo Says:

    What you write is just my history with photos, cameras, dark rooms etc. for more than 40 years. And I also have full dark room with b&W and colour system.
    I still have b&w negatives from Rainbow and Purple and much much more. Now I will scan them to digital format, but I still miss when you could see the paper turning from white to – yes a picture.
    Those where the days when a picture was a picture and Gillan had long hair…….

    Kind regards

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