DTB Newsletter • Vol 2 / 02

Newsletter time again from a fast thawing Sheffield hilltop (not fast enough to stop me going rear over something down our steps on black ice the other day but still).

Deep Purple • There was a short news item on German TV RNF (Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen, covering the area around Heidelberg and Mannheim) recently about Deep Purple, to say that their gig at the Musik im Park festival in Schwetzingen (10.08.12) had now been cancelled, as they’re scheduled to record a new studio album. This kind of adds support to the story last newsletter about them recording this year with a release right at the end of the year or early 2013, with a tour to promote. Thanks to Michael Huck. Conrad Steeves says a music journalist friend of his, Tony Conley, interviewed Morse the other week and he also confirmed that DP will be recording towards the end of this year for an early 2013 release and will be writing over the summer.

Roger Glover

Very strange to be getting mobile phone snaps of the pre-show audience build up image from a Canadian show emailed through almost in real time. I sat watching it for a little while waiting for the amp lights to start blinking… “Kingston was absolutely brilliant, a slow burn – Hard Lovin’ Man really set the tone. My fave Mk 8 gig , ranks with Toronto 2001 and London 2007… says Vince Chong (who sent said pic). Read more here.

As mentioned before, it looks like there will be a Deep Purple single for Record Shop Day in April 2011. Current plans are for a live version of Smoke On The Water from the 1972 In Concert show, newly remixed at Abbey Road from 8 track masters we found last year. I know there was concern from collectors over last year’s Record Shop Day single, but I try and take the view that record shops need all the help they can get at present (sadly perhaps the best vinyl store in the North – Wall Of Sound – gave up the ghost recently after 25 years in business) (add link) and our local store tells me it is a massive boost to their turn-over right now. And they were good enough to save me a copy of Hush BBC single at cost price!
The single is a taster from the Machine Head Special Edition but I’m not involved in that.
A few people have emailed about extra material being turned up from the In Concert show. We can confirm that there were a couple of rehearsal tracks but these were just that and while fascinating to listen to we’re not sure if they can be rescued or not.
Seems to be another flurry of interest about a 1972 TV show in Japan. It does seem as if the band did a special for TV while they were over there in 1972 on the Made In Japan tour in Tokyo. The problem is that TV companies there have been as cavalier about their archives as our lot, and so far nothing has been found.
Nothing on DP on the first part of the BBC4 show about Brit Rock In USA either, but I did spot that The Beatles had their name added to the side of the PanAm jet for their flight back home. Which predates DP by several years! Jon Lord turned up on the second show, interviewed last year, with clips from the usual stuff. It can be found on iPalyer.

Blackmore • J.R.Blackmore has a new CD out called J.R.Blackmore & Friends / Voices. You can find out more at Jürgens website http://www.jrblackmore.com/ Thanks to Irene Hesterberg for the info.

Coverdale • Firstly to everyone who had been saving up to buy the big Whitesnake Box – The Sunburst Years. Astonishingly EMI have already deleted it! Normally something like this would be round for longer than 12 flipping weeks. It looks as if they pressed 4,000 worldwide by the way for people who have been asking. I’ve seen it going for over £200 on some sites already. Still if the cash is now burning a hole in your pocket The Whitesnake Definitive Biography is finally shipping. There is a first review on the DTB blog now along with some page spreads. The publisher is offering a 5% discount for DTB folk, and we have sent out leaflets to this effect, but anyone who needs the details do email Ann. Also look out for an exclusive competition through DTBOnline shortly to win a copy signed by Neil and Bernie.
Talking of Whitesnake, David himself has just done a comeo in a small budget indie comedy film about a musician who is convinced DC is his real father! The producers say he was great to work with.
On the record side, DTBOnline store have managed to get a few copies of the rare US only CD edition of Snakebite recently if anyone needs this for their collection.

Ian Paice • Rick Wakeman does a nice monthly news round up on his site (amazed to hear him turn up on our favourite Radio 4 quiz the other day), and February’s hints at a possible album project with Ian Paice: “I will be trying to bring to fruition this month a possible trio album with Tony Levin and Ian Paice. Early stages of discussions with all concerned, but looking very promising.” Levin I can recall from his days as Peter Gabriel’s bassist, so this could be a very interesting prospect. Thanks to Simon Brown for letting me know.

Rod Evans • Amazing, just been in touch with a guy in America who reckons as a teenager he worked at a petrol station in Hollywood alongside Rod Evans. Trying to find out exactly when this would be.

live_over_europe glenn hughesGlenn Hughes • Black Country Communion are belatedly rushing out a 2CD audio version of their Live Over Europe DVD. Due at the end of February (so will probably ship first week of March 2012), track listing is the same (in fact we’ve been told the release is now embargoed until March). So if like us you prefer your rock without visuals now is your chance! Even better if you like the black stuff, they are also doing a very limited run on vinyl at the same time.
There is also a Tribute To Alice Cooper coming, with Glenn Hughes on Only Women Bleed, and Ronnie Dio on there too. John Tucker confirms it to be a UK press of an earlier issue form 1999 but if you missed it it’s due late March and you can pre-order at DTBOnline store.

Silverhead • One time Purple Records act Silverhead, featuring Michael DesBarres, Robbie Blunt, Rod Davies, Nigel Harrison and Pete Thompson, will be playing 2 nights in Tokyo – April 20 & 21, 2012. The band are also going to be doing a new album this year for a UK label.

Ian Gillan • still being seen with his foot splinted up at shows, with any number of stories doing the rounds as to how or why. If he hears about a reissue of the Rockfield mix of Clear Air Turbulence album which was redone for the Island edition he’ll probably kick his manager and break the other one. The CD has two live tracks from one of Ray Fenwick’s cassettes and an interview with the guitarist. I think it is the same audio as the old Angel Air pressing so approach on that basis, but we’ve listed it at DTBOnline Store.

Jon Lord • Singer Steve Balsamo has spoken of meeting up with Jon Lord in early February to go through material for a projected album project they’re working on, and says Jon is “looking great”, which is good to hear. Ian Paice also commented at a drum clinic the other day that “Jon is doing much better and heading into the studio.”
Five orchestral pieces of Jon’s, alongside works by other composers, are be staged between Feb and July 2012 at the Theatre Hagen, Hagen, in Germany, including Sarabande. Jon is not scheduled to appear. Thanks to Peter Judd.

Nick Simper • Nick Simper’s European band Nasty Habits filmed a show in Vienna last year and are preparing to release as a DVD soon. Covers of eleven Mk 1 tracks plus a blues standard and one new composition. More details anon. Thanks to Peter Brkusic.

Cozy Powell • Apparently wheels are moving now on a proposed Cozy Powell documentary project. Robert Plant, Tony Iommi and others have agreed to take part and this has enabled the producer to begin work. It’s a film based affair rather than for TV – UK TV having largely surrendered this sort of interesting programming to the big screen in recent years. More news if we get it.

The DTB blog has generated loads of fascinating comments (and info) about Deep Purple’s support bands over the years recently, and it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic over some of the recollections from the early days.

Right I’m off to wrestle with the dentist again today; I can start to see why IG opted to have the lot replaced the other year!


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3 Responses to “DTB Newsletter • Vol 2 / 02”

  1. Kris Says:

    Thank you for the great news

  2. Drdp Says:

    I LOVE The ‘Snake as much as the next Purple fan especially from the UK Version of ”Slide It In” and ALL that came before. BUT, $300.00 – $400.00 American for a book? It’s a ridiculous cash grab from the Die Hard Fans only. Much like the 2 versions of the Dio Book. Also, I bought the original Didi Zill book when it first came out and then what happens? He UPDATES it! The state of the music Biz and how the Artists treat their REAL fans has become nothing more than a mad dash for the filthy lucre.

    • simon robinson Says:

      When most photographers and their agencies are charging $300 just to research their collections (whether you get to use anything or not), and I’m being quoted three figure fees for EACH photo to reproduce, I think you might not grasp the horrendous cost of gathering together a collection like this. And with a relatively modest print run it soon adds up, believe me. But some people do like these coffee table books and if you visit any art book shop you’ll see how expensive many mass produced titles are (which is why I’ve not yet been able to afford the Steinweiss sleeve art book just yet!).
      As for the Didi Zill book, the update was an attempt to correct all the problems with the first edition, though I agree it was silly not to have someone oversee it in the first place. I don’t think the update ever appeared.

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