Bolin Magazine, Book er Mook

tommy bolin japanese young guitar player magazine cover the guitar manMagazines with Bolin on the cover are rare enough but technically this new one is actually a Mook – a Japanese only term which denotes a cross between a magazine and a book (and which has failed to catch on anywhere else in the world!).
Anyhow, it’s a special edition of Young Guitar Player magazine, a long established music monthly, entirely devoted to Tommy Bolin. 154 pages which detail Bolin’s recordings, touring career, etc. with photos, letters, articles and more. This is the most comprehensive collection on Tommy Bolin ever produced. And it’s all in Japanese. But I assume the photos alone will make it worth picking up (that looks like a shot from the Japanese Deep Purple tour on the front for example).
I’m advised that it can be bought on Amazon Japan, try the link here.

Our thanks to Trace Keane, keeper of the Bolin faith, for the info.


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8 Responses to “Bolin Magazine, Book er Mook”

  1. timinox Says:

    You’ve got to admire their thoroughness – not only ” guitars and equipment chronicled, history & studio live”, they’ve even detailed his recreational habits ie ‘”tommy’s works”!
    Fabulous cover shot though – def from Tokyo 15th – he’s wearing the same fancy jacket kaftan thing. According to my online YEN converter the price is £15, plus same again for delivery – PLEASE uncle Simon, can you get your far east connections to get some for DPAS?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I refer you to Darren’s comment on best place to get this from. But if you like DP Mk 4 photos, stand by for the 1976 US Tour photo book details coming here shortly… and it’ll cost you less than importing the Japanese magazine.

  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    Would love to order the magazine but have any amount of trouble accessing the Japanese Amazon site – my usual amazon password does not work and I get a jumbled message half in Japanese. Is there any chance DPAS can order some and charge (whatever! – I want one!!!)?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ll have a look see Ian as we have contacts over there.

    • Darren Brock Says:

      Damian Phelan suggested to me that CDJapan as a better source for the magazine and he seems correct as the shipping and list price are lower than some showing up on Ebay. Here’s the link and the good news is, it’s in English.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Thanks Darren. I forgot about this firm. I have purchased a few thing from them in the past and the service has always been good, and the site is easy to follow. Indeed I think I might still have some reward points from them in the kitty so I might treat myself!

  3. Darren Brock Says:

    …. but having said all the above, where else can you possibly get a book devoted entirely and exclusively, to someone who, let’s be honest, is “obscure” to the majority of rock fans. For this alone, the guys who made this happen and researched it should be applauded.

    (Don’t hang around on this, if you want it, get it now. This will be expensive in 5 years time.. actually, it’s expensive now!)

  4. Darren Brock Says:

    Got mine today.

    Yes, it’s a japanese magazine/book devoted entirely to Tommy.

    It is very, very nice. But…don’t go expecting hundreds of “never seen before photos”. There are some very good quality pics and lots of information, family trees, discographies etc.
    Being a guitar magazine, I had hoped for some Tablature (even the old Live In London Japanese CD booklet had tablature), as any Tommy fan knows, Tommy Tab is hard to find. But, there isn’t any.
    The rarest photos are mainly from the Last Concert / Japan tour gigs with one or two from other sources. However, it is expensive for a “mook”, but it tries to cover all Tommy’s equipment /amps /Guitars /effects and even the settings of his amps.. though, unless they got an interview with Dave Brown (Tommy’s tech), it can really only be speculation.
    Still, if you love Tommy, if you play guitar, or are a huge fan of MKIV, you might want this. Just expect to pay a fair bit for it plus shipping and doesn’t come with any Japanese translation.

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