DTB Newsletter – 03/12

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Deep Purple Now • IG at Vancouver Feb 26 mid-set: “This is the last night of a tour that has lasted over 6 years and over 50 countries. After this show it’s over. We will be making a new record this year.” Steve Morse has also confirmed recording plans in a recent interview: “There is more writing sessions scheduled in May, and then we will start recording in June and July.”
Apparently Steve Morse kicked off some heated online debate following the piece after the interviewer asked : Do you see your career, at some point in the future, going away from Deep Purple and more into the area of Flying Colors?
Steve: “Yes, I definitely do. I don’t think Deep Purple can keep up the level of touring that we do, forever. I have always pushed them, sometimes too hard, for some control in the scheduling so that I can book stuff when there is a touring gap. The problem I keep running into is that when a gap becomes available, then it is too late to book the dates for my solo stuff. That is my only complaint with Deep Purple; I wish I had more control over the schedule. I think it is naturally going to slow down, somewhat.”
Seems fairly innocuous to me as well as being realistic. They can’t go on hurtling at this rate for ever! It’s actually quite nice to hear they are taking time off to relax and get a bit of writing done. It can only make shows that bit more special if they decide to ease off a bit (Morse has some touring planned for the summer – see next newsletter or check his website).
In a sign of the times, the meet and greet at Vancouver was done before the show at 6.30pm so they could get an early night. The set contained exactly one track from the ‘current’ album. It seems a long way from the start of the Rapture tour back at The Astoria in January 2006 (time enough indeed for the planners to have pulled the flipping place down!). It appears that IG tore his Achilles tendon and this explains the on-stage brace he was sporting on the Canadian tour. Sounds very painful.

Deep Purple Then • There are rumours of a soundboard of the long lost Lyon show (March 16. 1973) turning up at last. Poor off-air tapes have been about for years and the radio station closed a long time ago, with their archives disappearing (the station has sort of reappeared since but under a new set-up). I can remember trying to listen to the show from Luxembourg on AM transistor in the early hours… the station even had a tie-in music / fashion mag for a time called Fab 208.
Total Abandon, the live set recorded in Australia back in 1999, is coming back out again. They’ve taken a tape splicer to the end of the performance to get it onto a single CD for some strange reason, so it’s not complete. It’s also got a new sleeve, the third by my reckoning. Expect it in April. We’ve got it on pre-order at DTB Online Store.
There’s a glittery purple vinyl edition of Montreux 2011 due from Night Of The Vinyl Dead in Italy, a triple set in fact. They’re only issuing 500 copies and we can’t get wholesale stock. It’s the same mob who did the Concerto set last year and they sell out very quickly so if you want one move fast.
March’s Total Guitar magazine leads with Smoke on the Water and the MK 2 story (sort of). Mainly previously published photos (some Mk3 and Rainbow) but a nice Jorgen Angel shot not published before.

Ian Gillan • There is a likelihood of some exclusive high quality Gillan vinyl reissues later this year, and we’ll update you when we know more. They came to us asking if we had any of the original artwork… if only; that Chris Foss cover would look fab on our office wall.
There’s a detailed review of Ian Gillan’s slot at the Paris Rock Meets Classic show up on a web site devoted just to rock shows which take place in Paris. “Ian looks a bit tired and his right foot is in a cast but he’s gonna deliver a great performance, can’t go wrong with songs like this. Great to hear “Knocking…” at last, Deep Purple should play it.” David has put up a gallery with some pictures on www.deep-purple.net and the Paris site has some video of Ian up to watch too. http://rockerparis.blogspot.com/2012/01/rock-meets-classic-with-ian-gillan.html
I also notice that Ian’s former drummer is doing a few gigs. Under the name of Mick Underwood’s Glory Road, his band cover not just Gillan era tracks but also Quatermass, Peace and others he’s been involved with over the years.

Glenn Hughes • has joined the grandly named Rock-N-Roll Allstars “comprised of members from the biggest bands in recent rock history” (not sure what their definition of recent is really, it’s now over thirty years since Glenn was in Deep Purple!). They’ll be touring South and Central America in April/May 2012.

Ian Paice • was advertised as taking the hot seat on Planet Rock at the end of February, picking out his favourite songs, talking about the band’s longevity, their plans for the future and the music that has inspired him over the years. Nigel Young had a listen and says it was actually an old interview from December 2008! Cheeky gits. There is however a new interview done in Edmonton which can be heard online.

nick simper and nasty habits vienna dvdNick Simper • as trailed last newsletter, Nick joins Nasty Habits on a new set Live at Szene in Vienna, May 8. 2011. This is coming out as a combined DVD plus CD package. The track list covers nearly a dozen Deep Purple classics along with one new track and a blues standard. Release date is imminent, so we’re now taking pre-orders at DTB Online store. Peter from the band says the new track is a trailer for a projected album of new material later this year.

Whitesnake • have no touring plans for 2012 according to DC. Perhaps he’s saved up enough for a copy of the Definitive Biography at last so doesn’t need the money?! Talking of which, the competition to win a signed copy on the DTB blog site is running only to the end of the month.

Jon Lord • I’ve not wanted to delve to much into Jon’s illness, but Ian Paice has now gone on the record (in that Edmonton interview) to explain that Jon’s cancer was spotted at a very early stage and he has been undergoing some special treatment over in Israel. This is reported to have gone well and there is talk of Jon doing some work in April. In the meantime finishing touches to the Concerto Studio version are taking place. The audio was due on EMI but looks now to be on another label.

Ritchie Blackmore • Both the next two reissues in Universal’s ongoing doubling up of the Rainbow catalogue are nearing completion at last. On-Stage is a double, with a disc from Tokyo 1976 as the bonus, most of which is officially unissued before. Long Live has a bonus disc with some early monitor mixes and other material from Cozy’s old archive. Both can be pre-ordered at DTB Online store.
On the subject of archives, a CDR boot of Mountain live in Wichita Kansas March 1971 has turned up which includes a (not very interesting according to one fan who has heard it) jam with Richie Blackmore done in a New York studio sometime that year.
There’s a group active in trying to get Blackmore inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame by the way, and they’ve just organised the 2nd Annual Ritchie Blackmore Protégé Shred Off competition. Find it on Facebook! But shred off? Surely that’s the last thing Blackmore was into.

Tommy Bolin • The Bolin & Friends set has now got a new release date of April in Europe (it was first announced for December last year but held over). It can be pre-ordered at DTB Online store. Perhaps to cash in, one label is repromoting that old Tommy Bolin Snapshot collection again, as the “first ever” European release. Same content as the last time they released it here! We’ve also posted details of a new Japanese Bolin special magazine on the site here.
Slightly more tangential but the Airto Moreira ‘fingers’ album (1973) is now out on CD. Why would you be interested? It has the original of San Francisco River on it, the track Tommy played on the TB & Friends gigs in 1974. So if you were curious about the origins, here’s the answer.

Darker Than Blue On Line Shop

Darker Than Blue website

Thanks this time to : Timothy Campbell, Stuart Hamilton, David Browne, Tim Summers, Nigel Young, Euan Mcleod, Tom Dixon, Danny Fox, Mike Galway, and Harry Heathman. If you have any news for DTB email it over.

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6 Responses to “DTB Newsletter – 03/12”

  1. overthehill Says:

    Re: Gillan – High Quality Vinyl? Why didn’t he give us high quality remasters on CD? The EDSEL remaster of Glory Road was weak… hard to tell any difference.

    Too bad Lord and Blackmore can’t do a studio project together. Seems like of all the things I could imagine Ritchie doing (which isn’t much) that doesn’t seem so impossible.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s a good question – as far as I could see the CDs were just cloned off the original Virgin ones from a decade ago! Hoever for the vinyl they are going back to the original quarter inch production tapes (which is what Edsel couldn’t be bothered to do). Lord and Blackmore? It would be high on my wish list certainly. Stranger things have happened… says he mysteriously.

  2. peter crisp Says:

    Just a short note, after seeing Joe Bonamassa in the studio with Jon Lord a few months ago, and with Jon’s health issues, let’s hope he recovers 100%, is there anything on the horizon? I vaguely remember Deep Purple’s Concerto Orchestra album way back in 1969? Will there be a 2012 version?

    • simon robinson Says:

      There is indeed a 2012 version due soon, recorded in the studio and fully revised by Jon who also plays keyboards on it. It’s Jon’s way of presenting the definitive version if you will. However so far the guests do not include anyone else from the 1969 version.

  3. Jim Collins Says:

    Hopefully the bonus disc with Onstage is the December 16th (early show), where they played A Light In The Black. No sure how interested people would be with yet another Rising tour with the same setlist as Onstage and the three German shows already released.

    • simon robinson Says:

      No, the afternoon show was either not recorded officially, or if it was, is now lost. So it’s the same old boring 1976 set list Jim! And it sounds great.

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