Roger Glover

joins tribute band……for one night only!

Before his gig with Purpendicular in Switzerland recently, Ian Paice was having dinner backstage with the band. They were told that there was a girl waiting to give Ian a present. Seeking to put her off they explained they were mid-meal but she turned up anyway. They were just about to ask her to leave when they realised it was Roger Glover’s new partner, with Roger in tow!

purpendicular with Ian Paice and Roger Glover backstage

Making room for the new arrivals, drummer Bern Welz asked Roger if he fancied appearing on stage with them. Roger – having heard how much Ian likes to play with the group – agreed. The audience heard the familiar opening to Highway Star but didn’t realise who was playing bass until the lights went up. When he’d done his turn, he watched the rest of the show for the mixer desk and has offered to guest again if time and schedules permit.

purpendicular with Roger Glover
above : Robby Walsh and Roger. Thanks to Seher Cosgun for the story.


2 Responses to “Roger Glover”

  1. Pär Says:

    andrew: Hahaha…hilarious…

  2. andrew Says:

    funny I thought Roger and Ian were already in a DP tribute band…

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