Ian Paice Lifetime Achievement

Buddy Rich Ian Paice flyerIan Paice has joined the growing guest list for the Buddy Rich 25th Anniversary Memorial Concert on Monday 2nd April 2012 at the London Palladium and will be playing alongside the full Buddy Rich Orchestra. This sounds like a real treat for drum maniacs, IP with a big band of that calibre (remember the Albert Hall solo spot?), and it’s the first time this regular show has been held in the UK. In addition we’re told Ian (and two other drummers) will be presented with a lifetime achievement award by Buddy’s daughter. Anyhow, tickets are on sale at the Box Office on 0844 412 4657 or online at http://www.seetickets.com. There are also special VIP seats / packages available for the well heeled.
Tony Christie is also billed, so instead of ending on Smoke maybe we’ll have a rousing all star version of Tony’s recent hit single… I’ll not mention the name in case I spend all day trying to stop humming it.


8 Responses to “Ian Paice Lifetime Achievement”

  1. Mike Burnett Says:

    Ah, I missed this opportunity to see my two favourite drummers of all time playing – Paice and Ginger Baker. I still think the world missed a treat with Baker and Blackmore never having played together. Okay, we would all be sweating before the Baker/Blackmore gig as to whether they would even come out and play, let alone do an encore! Bless ’em!
    I am eagerly anticipating the Beware Of Mr Baker documentary and a no doubt very short Ginger Baker set at Ronnie Scott’s later this month……

    • simon robinson Says:

      You are a glutton for punishment wishing a Blackmore / Baker team up Mike! Never have seen Baker live myself which really ought to be rectified but as you say…

      • Mike Burnett Says:

        Ginger was actually rather good!! I think he is up in Manchester later this year so if you have a spare few quid – he’s worth a punt! A bit jazzy but the drums still pound…. Aiko Biyaye is worth the admission price alone. He’s in Milton Keynes in September so I’ve got my tickets lined up and hope to have the chance to say thanks for the spine tingling he’s given me over the years. Mike

  2. Mark Says:

    “Lifetime achievement”? I’d always supposed that happens when you..uh…stop…? The REAL achievement is me reading this from China… good job it’s lunchtime at the office…

  3. Paolo Says:

    Hope a DVD will be released of this show together with the 2007 one when Ian was there for the first time… the bonus dvd could be the show where Paice played swing with orchestra in Cormòns (Deep Purple Night 2002)…and the title could be: “Gone with the swing”…

  4. timinox Says:

    This sounds really great – I’ve been listening to Buddy Rich for longer than I’ve been listening to Ian Paice – and that’s a jolly long time! Hopefully it will be better than the quite awful tribute bits that are on the otherwise brilliant ‘Buddy Rich Story’ DVD – whether or not you like either Neal Peart or Greg Bisonette, the one certain thing is that they DONT SWING, which Paicey always does…
    Might be worth going just to hear Ginger Baker walloping his double bass drums along to ‘West Side Story’!

  5. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    Hopefully Bill Bruford can join in! Plus Neil Peart who did the “Burning for Buddy” series!

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