Ian Paice signature kit

ian paice drum head limited edition signature kitWe’ve had signature guitars before, but in what seems to be a first Ian Paice has authorised a full signature drum kit. But hurry, there are only twelve available! The kit comes with a signed drum head designed to mark the anniversary of Machine Head. IP has also authorised a range of accessories, including signed cymbals, flight cases, etc. Be prepared to part with around £5K for the basic kit, to just over £8K for the full monty. It’s actually not a bad price compared to a standard kit.
Anyhow, you can check the full press release link at the bottom of this page as a PDF file. This also includes ordering details as well as news of a launch event which takes place at the DrumWright premises on Monday April 23. when he will be demonstrating the potential of the kit. Admission is free but you need to apply by email as places are limited.
Thanks to DrumWright for the details.


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4 Responses to “Ian Paice signature kit”

  1. emma wright Says:

    We got Ian to tell us what he would ask for as a drummer NOW. Ian asked for either a 24”x14” or a 26”x14”. We went for the 24” option as being the more practical of the two for prospective users. Because there has been so much interest in this subject, Chris Wright, MD, spoke to Ian personally. He explained that in the studio, he invariably uses the 24” bass drum. For really large venues such as stadia, he will tend to use a 26” bass drum, but may drop down to a 24” for venues which are not quite so big. Hope that helps! Emma Wright, DrumWright Ltd.

  2. Rich.T Says:

    You can buy a miniature (17cm high) set online, ‘Battle Rages On’ image on Bass drum and a bit cheaper (less than £20)…!

  3. Bernt Says:

    Nice! But the signed drum head? It looks fine, but everyone knows that Paicey played LUDWIG back in the 70s.

  4. Roberto Says:

    Wasn’t the bass drum size 26×16″, the china 22″ and the pedal(s) ‘eliminators’? They even say you can’t order these measures separately… I remember you could chose each size you want with Pearl Masters kit…

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