Record Collector’s 400th

record collector magazine 400th issueMany of us will have fond memories of Record Collector magazine which was in pre-internet days the only reliable place to hunt for used vinyl in the UK apart from shops and fairs. This month it is celebrating the 400th edition and has two pages of comments from musicians old and new to mark the event, with our own Ian Gillan kicking the praises off, followed not far behind by Glenn Hughes. Though it’s hard to imagine Ian or Glenn dashing back from the newsagent, then sat with a biro anxiously marking off Deep Purple rarities and getting letters off to sellers hoping to be first in line… Mind you, Bill Wyman reckons he’s got the full run from Issue 7 onwards. Rick Wakeman in his congratulations wishes he’d hung on to all his copies as they’d probably be worth a few bob. Fraid not! I’ve got boxes full in our loft and couldn’t even give them away to the vintage magazine shop near here, so letting them go to the charity book shop a box at a time. Hey ho. But not the Deep Purple articles I wrote of course. I must admit I don’t buy it that often these days, and the last two articles I penned for them are still sat in their in-tray, but nice to see the magazine thriving. And an extra small glow on an awful rainy wind-swept day for seeing our latest book getting a rave review in the issue as well!

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2 Responses to “Record Collector’s 400th”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    Saturday morning Record Collector browsing was almost a compulsory sport in our local WH Smiths back in the mid 1980s; after all, one never knew when that ‘Green Bullfrog’ coloured vinyl may turn up in the classifieds! Good to see its still going strong when you’d have thought the bad old Internet would have killed the concept off by now. Happy Birthday!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I actually remember lying in a nice hot bath some months with a biro going through the classifieds, just so I could concentrate! No wonder some of my old copies are a bit tatty.

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