Record Store Day 2012

long live rock n roll rainbow picture disc

Record Store Day seems to have come round again super quick. But here’s one release which I’d missed, a rather snazzy 12″ picture disc album version of Long Live Rock n Roll. Picture discs eh? It’s like 1978 all over again! I’m pretty sure this is the first ever pic disc album from the band’s catalogue, though there were a couple of singles back in the day and a clear vinyl edition of Down To Earth. It’s been produced under license by Niji, Ronnie Dio’s label. From what I can gather there are 2,500 being pressed but it does seem more of a US Record Store Day item so not sure if any will reach Europe. I spoke to the label’s UK distributor and while it was showing on their system, they were unable to get any stock. Record Store Day is April 21, so probably too late to book a flight over and queue up. We’ve already mentioned EMI’s contribution in the shape of a 7″ version of Smoke On The Water. But as the miseries couldn’t even be bothered to send me a snap of the sleeve to show this year I’ll be trying my luck up at Record Collector’s shop in Broomhill on Saturday. Gets me out of painting the bathroom door frame…!

Record Day 2011


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10 Responses to “Record Store Day 2012”

  1. Lylian Pothron Says:

    The Rising picture disc came from Sweden if I remember well (issued in 2007). It’s quite rare now, but at the time you could find it for 20-25 euros. There is another RB/LLR’n’R pic-disc that circulates for 1-2 years, it includes a sheet with the japanese discography of Rainbow. It’s not official, and I’m REALLY not sure it comes from Japan. Everytime I saw it for sale, it comes from Italy, Switzerland or the South of France. Price is always VERY expensive (more than 100 euros), and 2 other DP/Related pic-disc records have been also issued by the same bootleggers : Shades (with the japanese original cover) + Whitesnake 1st album (both with the japanese discography).

  2. Jeff Breis Says:

    Maybe for next year’s Record Store Day selection, a 7″ EP featuring Rod Evans’ live “Smoke on the Water” (from Mexico 1980) could be backed with a sped up version of “Voyages of Past Travellers” (so we can tell what’s being recited) by Captain Beyond, plus Rod’s 1971 solo single.
    ‘New, Live & Rare 2013’, sort of…
    That would be nice.

  3. stuart Says:

    You can order it from Dios store on his website

  4. Twinkling Ray Says:

    Utopia records in Sydney had it in stock today (24th) so no excuses for Europe! Long live record stores.

  5. steve allum Says:

    Tried to get this new single again.
    Same fiasco as last year, and all strangely enough, loads appear on ebay within minutes of being sold from the shops.

  6. Bruce Schmidt, Germany Says:

    Record Store Day for me turns out as a massive disappointment! I went to two participative stores in Hannover, Germany in great anticipation to get a 7″ copy of “Smoke”. But what a disaster! Both storekeepers told me EMI messed them up! No delivery for at least 90% of their orders at all promised items. These stores will never again take part in “Record Store Crap”. Strangely enough that certain “Smoke 7” turns up massive on ebay from that day on. Mostly from UK ebay sellers, but even one German seller had 10 copies in stock! Where from did they get their copies???
    So what was the point of all this? Grrr!
    Bruce (visibly annoyed)

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve no idea how they organise distribution at the majors these days. Most of it seems to be done centrally in Europe and for Record Store titles the qualifying dealers order what they want in advance. But as most titles are very limited a lot do not get their full order. From what people say the system doesn’t seem flexible enough to share pressing runs out, and some end up with lots, others nothing. Probably some big labels are not really used to dealing at this level any more so it’s difficult to adapt the largely automated system.
      The organisers really need to get their act together and embargo sellers from using ebay as it does rub people’s faces in it a bit I agree. But as I said last year this is as much about helping the stores out as anything, and Record Collector in Sheffield had a nice half page in the paper with people starting to queue from midnight. If anyone is desperate do drop Ann an email at the DTB Store as we were able to secure a few unsold copies of Smoke after the event.

  7. Palle Hichmann Says:

    I’m quite sure a pic disc of Long Live R’nR was made in Japan years ago. The price was $200 or something like that.

  8. Nigel Young Says:

    Not their first ever picture disc album, I saw Rising in Sister Ray’s in 2008 or 2009. SPELP7-P, I think.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Is this official? Very few hits come up on a web search. I’m wondering if it was one of those suspect East European collectables. Can anyone confirm?

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