I’ve suffered for my blog…

whitesnake lullabyAnd they said the download era would be good for music? Tom Dixon has just spotted a download only album of Metal tracks done in Lullaby fashion. It’s called “Hair Metal Goes Lullaby” by Jammy Jams.

I’ll post the link below, because if I had to go and look I’m not letting anyone else get out of it. The producers include a sing your baby to sleep version of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake…



5 Responses to “I’ve suffered for my blog…”

  1. Tom Dixon Says:

    Alright, I admit it – since you posted the damn link, I actually went on & listened to it on line (I did not purchase It, honest!).
    A simple review… it is appalling. It is the tune (barely) played on what sounds like a 10 bob (or 50p) toy piano. It may appeal to karaoke fanatics who want to start on something simple!! As for me – I will never ever log onto the site again. I have suffered enough for the cause.

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Don’t send the link to big Ian or Roger….they may get ideas!!
    “The Speed King Lullaby” might give the poor mites nightmares…….

  3. Tom Dixon Says:

    In my defence, it was purely dedication to the cause of all things Purple that took me there. I did not listen and I certainly did not download any of it! If anyone has been brave enough, it would be good to see a review…maybe?!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Shall we start a fund to cover the cost of someone downloading it to review? I’ve no idea what they charge for things like these but might be fun. And DC would get a bit of a royalty off our joint purchase.

      • Thomas Duve Says:

        Actually, you can listen to it without paying on the site! I did, quality wise to my ears it’s worse than the original version, but better than the 1987 one… but then again the 1987 version puts me to sleep faster than the lullaby version… I’ll better end my reviewer career right now.

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