MIJ – About the lettering

Looking for an alternative to Union Jack bunting this Bank Holiday (has nobody yet wondered what we do with the flag if the Scots do clear off!)? Fancy reading an article about the typeface for the sleeve of Made In Japan? You’ve come to the right place…

deep purple made in japan typeface


7 Responses to “MIJ – About the lettering”

  1. Steve Osgood Says:

    Sheffield’s nearest railway works would be Doncaster where the famous Flying Scotsman and Mallard where built. Railfest was really good, no Purple connection although they did have a blues band there with a hammond organ.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Silly me, especially as we trek over to Doncaster Museum to look at their railway stuff at least once a year. And I will remember to visit Arkwright’s Store one of these days as well.

  2. stratpack Says:

    The Union flag was adopted after the Union of the Crowns in 1603 almost 100 years before the Scottish and English parliaments joined to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.So it was about while both countries were separate. The St Patrick’s cross was added later when Ireland joined. If the UK parliament is dissolved and both countries have full separate parliaments, the Union flag will probably still be used in matters of Royalty as the Queen will still be head of state in both countries. (The official flags of England and Scotland will revert back to the St George and St Andrew’s Crosses although where this leaves Northern Ireland or the already unrepresented principality of Wales is unclear!) It’ll likely revert back to its Royal roots rather than being a legal flag of a state, which is what it was originally designed for. Although when Ireland left in 1922 the St Patrick Cross remained in the flag and its been a bone of contention for some today.

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s sorted me out nicely then! Must admit I quite liked the royal pennant they used during the Jubilee bash quite a lot. Though we gave upon the boat pageant due to the abysmal commentary. Where was Raymond Baxter with his rivet counting expertise when you needed him? A why wasn’t that Deep Purple on top of the palace doing the alt version of No No No? “Do you like Queen Elizabeth?” etc. Answered my own question there really.

      • stratpack Says:

        Was it just me or was the sound/performances at the concert absolutely awful? I’ve kind of had my fill of it all, not the actual jubilee or the Queen but the constant barrage from the media telling us how much I and everyone else are enjoying it. One look at those punters in the boats and rain says otherwise!

  3. Roy Watson-Davis Says:

    Have you stopped taking your medication again Simon? Is the next article going to be about Sheffield steam trains 1945-51?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Only if members of Jon Lord’s family were taking him on a trip to the seaside via the original Victoria Station (now disused)… and bought him a copy of the song When The Deep Purple Falls on 78 rpm as a present. I don’t think they made steam trains here anyhow, just the steel to build them. Leeds was our nearest locomotive factory. York Railway Museum’s Railfest is on until Sunday this week.

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