Machine Head tribute album

deep purple machine head tribute albumFull details of the Machine Head tribute album are now out and can be found here on the site. It’s out as a Classic Rock fan-pack release then in stores later.

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7 Responses to “Machine Head tribute album”

  1. Jack. Says:

    Great tribute album, except for the BLS and Flaming Lips versions, but the rest is pretty good though. Greetings from Mexico Simon!!!

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    Chickenfoot is indeedy a live version from the Filmore. There is a nice (official) preview of the CD on YouTube, I especially like Satriani’s comments on Purple’s delicacy…

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    Anyone know if they are all studio recordings? Chickenfoot did a encore of Highway Star on their first tour, so I’m assuming their contribution may be a live recording.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Couldn’t tell you Roy, I assumed they were all new studio recordings bar the Santana thing.

  4. JMcE Says:

    Ms Stevens can rest easy that her son-in-law’s ‘boat’ isn’t on the cover!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Amazing what you can do with a Dymo labeller isn’t it?! Though I’m surprised they used blue not purple…

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