EMI’s Machine Head Box Set

Deep Purple Machine Head 40th Anniversary five CD box set announced

EMI have announced their take on the Machine Head Anniversary, with a five disc box set. As well as the studio album in various formats, the BBC In Concert 1972 has been remixed and repackaged to match. This and Machine Head also get special vinyl editions with bonus 7″ singles. You can get the full details on our Machine Head review page, but get yourself a cuppa set up as there is a lot to get your head round. The various editions can be pre-ordered at DTBOnline store.


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15 Responses to “EMI’s Machine Head Box Set”

  1. Phil Cohen Says:

    For those of us who questioned whether this box set was a good value, and were wavering between buying it or not buying it, it now appears that EMI have decided for us, as the release has now gone into limbo. Perhaps it’s just as well.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Phil, we’re told just ‘production issues’ as the reason for the delay. Conspiracy theorists could have a ball!

  2. Phil Cohen Says:

    It has recently been reported on the internet that Simon Robinson’s long-term role as caretaker of the 1968-76 Deep Purple master tapes has ended. I’d like to say (on behalf of many Deep Purple fans) that Simon Robinson has done a superb job compiling the music of Deep Purple for the past 35 years. As for whomever will control or own the recordings, I hope that they will continue to let Simon Robinson be the compiler…

  3. Alan Nimmo Says:

    Slightly off-topic, but where does this leave the 1970 BBC show re-release which was mooted a few months ago? And Simon, pleeeeeeze tell me the “Made In Japan” 6 CD set is still going ahead!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Once the idea of incorporating the 1972 set into the Machine Head release was taken up, that rather left the 1970 set languishing. Also there is not chance to remix that as only the broadcast tape survives. I don’t know what’s in store for MIJ.

  4. karageorgis dimitris Says:

    Here in Greece (there is) a chance for the new generations to be acquainted with DEEP PURPLE as there is an offer on a Sunday newspaper [Kathimerini] to get the best albums of the band including MADE IN JAPAN.

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s not the first time! Italy ran a promotion last year I think it was to pick up a wedge of DP catalogue this way.

  5. Jack. Says:

    I’m tempted to buy this box set, just for the sake of collector’s desire, though I have most of the items separately already. The book seems to be interesting. Hope that this comes in nice price, not too expensive. Glory to the Purple!

  6. Phil Cohen Says:

    That EMI would release this instead of the 6-CD “Made in Japan” set is quite disappointing. And as for the proposed Universal Music expanded editions of Deep Purple & Rainbow, it is apparent that Universal either couldn’t find any unreleased material to add or they couldn’t get Ritchie Blackmore’s permission. It would seem, that, as for vault material by the Deep Purple family tree of artists, that the well has run dry.

    • simon robinson Says:

      As far as I know Perfect Strangers has run into problems (and I was aksed to take the story off the site), but the next two Rainbow reissues should still happen. The well ain’t dry, it’s just that the people who control access have made it very difficult for thirsty people to get to the water (to try and push your analogy to breaking point Phil!) …

  7. peter chrisp Says:

    Gee what can I say, I remember buying the vinyl edition when it first came out, and then in a box set a few years later, the 25th Anniversary edition 2 disc set, which is the best, but now the ultimate (?) edition. I must admit the album would have to be in the top 10 rock albums of all time, tough call. It’s tempting.

  8. Bouvet Lionel Says:

    It’s not music… Just business, again and again !

  9. steve Says:

    Never mind mind Machine Head I’m sure many of you are aware today (August 16th) marks the 40th anniversary of the Osaka concert which formed the bulk of Made in Japan. With the sad passing of Jon Lord the classic line up officially passes into history. I am allowing myself the guilty pleasure of playing the 3 live in Japan CDs over these 3 days. Quite unsurpassed brilliance!

  10. Les Hedger Says:

    I’m not interested. Most of this stuff is already out and I have it.

  11. overthehill Says:

    This is dissapointing. The thought of “Remastering” what Glover did not so long ago is a little absurd. The BBC show re-mix isn’t a bad addition, but what a shame you can’t just buy that disc. I wish EMI would just concentrate on doing something REALLY impressive wth “Made in Japan” intead, like bringing in Steven Wilson to mix it in 5.1 (or remix it) I always thought Gillan was about 10% too low in the mix

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