Jon Lord interviews

Jon Lord Deep Purple organistClassic Rock magazine have put together a three page tribute to Jon Lord in their September dated edition (Lynyrd Skynyrd on the cover), in the news-stands now. There is an opening two pages, then a fulsome obituary. They have also included Jon’s final interview. The journalist only handed the transcript of this in a couple of days before Jon died. Rather than tidy this up as you would normally do, they took the decision to leave it just as it is. I’ve not read it yet, but people who have been braver say it’s a difficult read emotionally, but the man’s humanity shines through.
We cannot stock this at the DTBonline store but have been asked to buy copies for a few fans abroad, and will happily do so at cost while it’s available. Otherwise non-UK residents will probably be able to purchase from the magazine’s back-issue department in a few weeks.
Thanks to Tim Summers.
We’ve also added some material from an interview Jon did two years back in Poland, where he made some amusing but penetrating remarks both on DP and the musicians therein. You can read these here and we’ve put a link to the full article.


8 Responses to “Jon Lord interviews”

  1. IanG Says:

    Next months ‘Record Collector’ is going to have a tribute to J Lord included. That’ll be the October edition on sale Sept 13th. There’s a small ad for it in this months issue.

  2. John Hassett Says:

    The interview was very positive and upbeat and showed the spirit of the man. No complaints, just a desire to best the disease. Still hard to believe that Jon is not here and listening to songs from Made In Japan for example is a testament to him and his talent.

  3. Timothy Says:

    The Classic Rock feature is a really nice tribute to Jon, and it is very moving reading (as others have said) – his very upbeat final interview. It’s actually even more shocking to hear extracts from the interview that have been used on recent BBC Radio 4 progs (see other DPAS Blog entries). I don’t know the date that he was filmed for ‘Phoenix Rises’ but on that he is the big deep voiced Lordy that we were all familiar with – on that last interview I would not have known it was the man, he sounded so ‘small’ and weak. I’ve found that I’m most saddened by knowing that we can never hear any new music from him. At least with Tommy there is/was the amazing pile of demos to enjoy.
    One final ‘train spotter’ reason for getting the ‘Classic Rock’ mag – there is a fabulous full page colour shot of Jon from (I think) the Mk4 rehearsals – I would LOVE to know what watch he’s wearing, it has a blue chapter ring and red sweep hand, so it’s possibly an Omega (?) . Most trendsetters from the mid 70’s are normally spotted wearing the first very expensive LED watches. Answers on a postcard please.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out the ‘no new music’ from Jon just yet, as he’d been working on a lot of projects…
      Trust you to spot that watch though! I’ve got some other shots from that session so will see if any of those shed any light on the mystery timepiece.

  4. Harry Heathman III Says:

    Thank you Ann for sending a copy. DPAS member #2600, USA

  5. Drdp Says:

    I read the interview and he was so positive & upbeat, He really thought he had the affliction beat and then… So very sad. I miss him more each day. Occasionally I hear “Perfect Strangers” on the Satellite Radio and it brings a tear. I am fearful of the time I hear “Hush” on the radio because I like Blackmore thought that was Lordy’s finest playing.

  6. Ian PJ Says:

    Classic rock magazine is available on Apple Newstand for any iPad/iPhone/mac owners who would like a copy to read – you can buy single issues or subscribe.

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