Three in one…

Three Deep Purple guitarists in a weekend? It can be done says Marcin Zalewski! He saw Blackmore’s Night on the Friday, then the G3 tour with Satriani and Morse on the Saturday.


12 Responses to “Three in one…”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Can’t compete with this. Saw Fripp with David Sylvian in ’93 (at the RAH), and he was astonishing. Forget playing behind the amps – RF played virtually offstage.

    Thinking back to 1985, though, we did see ex-Crim Gordon Haskell as a solo artist (literally – man, guitar and microphone) at a pub in Tisbury (Wilts) the day before Knebworth. He was a nice bloke, and spoke of having replaced Nick Simper in Sutch’s band (pre-Purple/Crimson). Sixteen years later, he topped the singles chart!

  2. Tomek Szmajter Says:

    Similar experience – my three ‘best bands’ day by day, back in June 2003: Yes, then King Crimson and finally Deep Purple. A few weeks later – Rolling Stones (in Prague, where else ;) and I could die :). And I’m not mentioning Blackers in Wieliczka salt mine at the end of May the same year. Those were the days…

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m going to have to go through my old gig diaries and see if I can find a similar trio back in the 70s. Never saw King Crimson sadly, and that black and white footage of them ripping Hyde Park apart in 1969 is still one of the most astonishing bits of rock film of all time. My brother did get me Fripps autograph though…

  3. grcu77 Says:

    There is only ONE Deep Purple guitarist!!! RB!

  4. Michiel Says:

    How about a G3 with Morse, Satriani and Blackmore?

  5. Mit Narocroc Says:

    That’s awesome! I would love seeing both shows!

  6. Marcello D'Agostino Says:

    A fantastic weekend in Palermo (Italy); this evening Ian Paice (was) special guest of the Orchestra del Conservatorio Bellini on a “Tribute to Jon Lord” . Very special location, Teatro Verdura in Palermo, a beautiful theater under the starry sky.
    See Link:

  7. Rob Corich Says:

    Surely this just sounds like the adventures of a groupie…

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