Made In Japan article

Nice piece in the new Classic Rock Magazine on Made In Japan. It’s got quite a lot of pictures, recollections from one of Def Leppard who reckons he’s on the back cover in the crowd, and some comments from a couple of the band. It’s the issue with Iron Maiden on the front cover, in UK newsagents now. Thanks to Tim Summers.


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13 Responses to “Made In Japan article”

  1. Mike Galway Says:


  2. Mike Galway Says:

    Not seen the two double page shots taken at the Budokhan and one smaller one of press conference without Ritchie before.

    • simon robinson Says:

      These are from a Japanese photographer. We are trying to see if he’ll let us show these on the site, or maybe even do a poster.

  3. Rob Corich Says:

    Aha! The Best Live Album in the World. Ever! I play this often even after all these years and it still gives me the same tingles and raising the hairs on the back of the neck feeling I got when I very first heard it. I love the expanded version and the 3 concert set but weirdly it is still the original double set that really does the trick (sometimes I even resurrect my old vinyl copy). They captured it all with this one!
    Later listening to Uriah Heep Live 73 (which is a pretty damn good live offering) I often play these two albums back to back. I can feel it becoming a ‘live’ day already. Looks like those wonderful live compilations of Gillan at the BBC might get opened today….again. In recent years I play these back to back as well. Then I’ll have to put Made In Japan on again to calm down!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Bet the neighbours are loving you Rob! I trust it’s the original fab RPM versions of the Gillan BBC stuff you own too, or I’ll be upset.

      • Rob Corich Says:

        Indeed they are your (wonderfully annotated) RPM Records collections (one took me so long to locate, then I ended up with two of the same. eBay on Friday night after the pub is not always a good thing!).
        They are my favourite collections of Gillan material bar none. The neighbours hate me if course; maybe they remember Jon living across the road all those years ago…, thrashing the Hammond with Leslie and Marshall.
        I never hear them complain anyway, it’s too loud.
        Interestingly I think Jesus Christ Superstar originated in this very street and Ian was probably wandering from the pub to Jon’s house in a kaftan and sandles when they saw him out the window and thought … he’ll do….

      • simon robinson Says:

        It’s a theory Rob! For people who don’t get it, Rob lives on the street where Jon was renting a flat at the time DP were being put together. He refuses to move in case his is the very house!

  4. Tony B Says:

    Never knew about the “spaghetti incident” mentioned in the above (I won’t spoil it for readers) but I remember last time Classic Rock had a DP feature, Ian Gillan mentioned that the reunion period for him (1984 on) contained things that he would not talk about publicly as they were too horrible/personal, etc. I am guessing it is a RB related matter but then as IG said it will remain private. Would like to have had Ritchie’s latest on Made in Japan (and even more pages on it!) but some pics were v.interesting like the stage audience shot from MIJ tour.

  5. big al Says:

    It’s Phil Collen who thinks he is on the MIJ cover. Both the fan pack Machine Head tribute and the new Classic Rock mag are well worth it for Purple fans.

  6. Drumguy1988 Says:

    When are we going to see a 40th Anniversary Edition Of Made In Japan. All 3 complete shows unedited in a box set. Maybe with a DVD on the making of MIJ including the 8mm Footage that was found.

  7. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Hmm. Still waiting on the Classic Rock Purple special here in Northern Ireland. 10 days after release, and even though it’s available worldwide, there’s still no sign of it here!

    Latest Classic Rock, out today, is already on the shelves.

  8. chris fairhurst Says:

    Hmm, Tokyo, Osaka, Sheffield. Was this Def Leppard bloke having an attack of the vapours?

    • Stratcat58 Says:

      Only the Japanese version used pix from the Budokan show for the cover. Most other versions used shots from the London Rainbow Theatre shows taken earlier that year.

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