On the drums…

Cue the opening music to the 1812 overture….
Tonny Steenhagen on the drums. Cozy’s drums. He says the sticks (Cozy’s) were like broom handles.

Cozy Powell drum kit Tonny Steenhagen

‘somewhere over the Rainbow…..in Cornwall’.

Tonny does some work for a Youth Centre in Saltash, Cornwall (www.livewireyouth.com) and the centre is being supported by quite a few ‘bona fide’ rock stars. The drum kit was given on a long term loan to them last year and is sometimes on display to the public on open days. Do check though as for obvious reasons it’s kept elsewhere. We think it’s one of Cozy’s custom gold and black Yamaha kits from his time with Sabbath at the end of the 1980s but drum experts are invited to put me right!

If you missed it we covered one of Cozy’ flight cases which turned up a while ago.


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8 Responses to “On the drums…”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    A ‘Killer’ of a pic, Tonny… I’m sure I am not going ‘Over the Top’ when I say its nice to see ‘The Drums Are Back’!
    The kit indeedy looks like the Cozy’s late Sabbath-Brian May era set up. There are several full kits of this design about; I seem to recall Blaze Bayley’s drummer (Laurie?) has an identical model.

  2. big al Says:

    It is the Headless Cross era kit, it was donated by the Blaze / Stuka Squadron drummer Larry Paterson who worked for the Sabbs. The Livewire Club is an excellent youth project that also hosts the odd gig. Well worth a visit!

  3. Scott W. Says:

    You heard me….gotta make it interesting..

  4. Tony B Says:

    The date of the kit looks about right as it looks similair to the ones he used in the 90s with the unusual toms? Still listening and thinking of Cozy, one of my favourite drummers of all time. That titanic drum fill near the end of Whitesnake’s ‘Guilty of Love’ comes to find.

    He and Ian Paice are featured in the following one off book on drum heroes through the ages. Interesting bit on Cozy but the Paicey feature is an interview I have seen before:


  5. Anthony Says:

    Its a real shame Ritchie and Cozy couldn’t have stayed together…they fed off each other and got the best from each other.

    • Tony B Says:

      Hi Anthony,
      I think it’s kind of the same with Cozy and David Coverdale and Whitesnake. David C has noted he would have liked Cozy as drummer on Whitesnake’s ‘1987’. I think he would have added even more to it, even if Anysley Dunbar plays great on 1987.

  6. Scott W. Says:

    Hi Tonny,
    Being a Drummer myself I can tell you that this is a ‘Headless Crotch’/’TYR’ Era Sabbath Kit of Cozy’s because he had the small diameter yet, tall toms in the middle of the kit as pictured. Tonny must know this as he is emulating Cozy’s stance and grip of the sticks as featured on a widely seen promo photo from that time!

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