New release round up

Jon Lord Before I Forget solo album 1982

Original album front cover

A quick catch up of new releases which are coming thick and fast at the moment! Jon Lord‘s long lost solo album Before I Forget has miraculously resurfaced. It’s out via EMI later this month. Track listing is a bit shorter than the original debut CD edition on RPM way back in the early nineties. The album has been fetching high prices on the second-hand market for some time, and was even pirated in Australia a couple of years ago. Read more on the site here.
The EMI Machine Head release has been put back a while following ‘production’ issues. They will announce a new date soon.
The V/A Remachined tribute album is due out as a regular CD release in early October. It’s in a regular CD case (the magazine version has gone from most newsagents), but there is a limited vinyl edition which was a surprise.
Also out in October is a limited edition 2 pack Bluray set featuring Deep Purple’s Montreux sets from 2006 and 2011. It’s designed to tempt new converts to the format, after which it’s back to the separate discs. Not sure if my Betamax player will handle this new technology though, but good value for money in the run up to, no, I will not mention the C word (our nearest RSPB site had bloody cards on sale in August!). ….
All the above at the DTBOnline store now needless to say.
Do try and make your mind up about the California Jam Book asap, the limited edition is selling out fast. And as if having Jon sign the book wasn’t enough, there are more surprises to come on this, which we hope to be able to announce at the end of next week.

Lastly we are having real problems with the effing Tommy Bolin 3CD set. Apparently it is only being brought in on import, and the UK distributors decided not to bother with the 3CD edition at all, and only stock copies of the 5CD set. Ann is contacting customers who pre-ordered while we try and persuade the importers to change their minds!


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8 Responses to “New release round up”

  1. Raziel666 Says:

    Simon, do you know if this new Machine Head edition is limited?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think it will be as there is a 1CD edition also released, so that will probably be kept on catalogue. Also these box sets are costly to produce and keep on catalogue so it will be dropped once the initial sales have worked through.

  2. Allan Heron Says:

    Can someone give me a reasoned, objective argument in favour of purchasing the 5-CD version of Machine Head. I’ve got the 2Cd set from a decade ago, and have the original release of the live show. Don’t listen to music in surround sound. Sounds like I’m getting an extra track, live show in the right order but not sure if there is really such a qualitative difference to make this at all worthwhile (Same applies to the 2CD version, to be truthful).

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well I can’t Allan, it does smack of ‘well we ought to do something’ to me. The only bits I want are the In Concert, so I’ll wait for that to appear as a stand-alone next year.

  3. Mike S. Says:

    what’s happened to the Perfect Strangers 3cd release?

  4. Horace Cordier Says:

    Thanks for the updates. I’ve always adored “Before I Forget” – matter a fact I’m playing it right now. I have the excellent RPM edition but since since this one appears to have a fresh 2012 remaster and an unreleased on CD edit of “Bach Onto This” I’ll grab it. Listening to Cozy and Jon on “Tender Babes” brings out the emotions – so many of the great ones have left us!

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the most expensive book I’ve ever bought in my life with the Lord signature Cal Jam edition but it was an easy decision. In many ways Lord was really my favorite PURPLE member and certainly my most beloved.

    Thank you for all your good work keeping the PURPLE legacy in fine shape Simon. It is greatly appreciated.

    • simon robinson Says:

      EMI are indeed saying ‘remastered’ on the sales notes for Before I Forget. We left the single edit off the RPM edition as we didn’t think anyone would want it. D’oh!

    • Horace Cordier Says:

      It’s truly a goofy bonus track but at least it’s a new remaster. Shame they lost the Jon Lord interview – it was fascinating listening.

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