Last Shop Standing

Can’t remember if we mentioned this project here before or not, but either way the documentary film Last Shop Standing is now out (I reviewed on on my album sleeve art blog). It charts the rise, fall (and rebirth) of the indie record shop by talking to the people who run them, and some of the famous musicians who have spent their days in them. If you’ve ever enjoyed shopping for vinyl old or new, then I would recommend you checking their website to see if there is a screening near you (it’s also out on DVD). Sadly they changed their minds about using my record bag collection for the end credits so my name doesn’t go up in lights, but if you don’t shed a tear as the sight of Keith Hudson closing up his shop after 105 years in the family, then you’re made of sterner stuff than me. Think of him next time you’re passing the CDs in Asda and go and kick the manager.

Your editor looking pleased after scoring an original Andy Warhol cover for a tenner in the famous Kingbee annual sale


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2 Responses to “Last Shop Standing”

  1. Jeff Breis Says:

    Hi Simon, I was recently at the last remaining used record shop in Superior Wisconsin, The Vinyl Cave, and I found the Uruguayan version of Made In Japan for only ten dollars. Now I can say Smoke On The Water in Spanish (Humo en el Agua)!
    These little stores kept my wallet empty, but my shelves full for over 35 years now. It is sad to see them disappearing, though we still have a handful of good ones here in Wisconsin, I’m happy to say.
    There is an American film about independent record shops on DVD titled ‘I Need That Record’. It’s a nice documentary which features Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth) and Glenn Branca, among others. It’s worth a watch.

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