2013 Deep Purple Calendar

deep purple calendar 2013Still managing to avoid the Christmas supermarket aisles but we are pleased to announce the return of the very popular DTB Deep Purple calendar. As with the previous one, this is a page per month calendar with rare photos of the 68-76 era band and musicians. Printed on good quality paper, with a card back and spiral bound to hang on the wall, it is not available in the shops but only through the DTBOnline shop. As before, we can take advance orders right away, and aim to ship them in early December. The calendar will be deleted in January. Price is yet to be confirmed but from the printers estimate it should be about the same as before. The last calendar sold out and we had to disappoint a lot of people, so do place your order asap to avoid having to look at fluffy kittens all year instead. We’ll show the cover here, and will post a set of the images shortly.

Although the last calendar is sold out, the details are archived on the site here.


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5 Responses to “2013 Deep Purple Calendar”

  1. Wiktor Says:

    When I pre-order the Purple calendar 2013 should I pay now in advance?

  2. IanG Says:

    I can’t see it in the store to place a pre-order, where is it?

  3. Mark Nolde Says:

    As long as the current line ups are not included I’ll think about it, Simon. By the way, today I got my copy of the vinyl of In Concert 1972. I feel you re right when expressing disappointment with the art-work.
    Does this mean the box including the other stuff, for instance the REMIX on CD, is out as well?
    Cheers, Mark

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