Rainbow arriving

We’re hearing that the 2CD special remasters of Rainbow On Stage and Long Live Rock’n Roll are finally appearing in November. The bonus disc for On-Stage includes the surviving tracks from the barnstorming final show of the tour in Tokyo on December 16 : Kill The King / Mistreated / C16 Greensleeves /Catch The Rainbow / Man On The Silver MountaIn + Blues + Starstruck / Do You Close Your Eyes (encore). We believe most of these are new to disc. Opinion suggests C16 Greensleeves is the version used for On-Stage, and the improv blues bits as well. So it looks like this is one remaster which will actually give fans a substantial chunk of extra material. Both can be pre-ordered at DTB Online Store

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50 Responses to “Rainbow arriving”

  1. Jack. Says:

    Simon, is it possible to get the rights and release both on dvd and cd Rainbow’s performance at Donington 1980? That would be awesome! Or Rainbow concert at Tokyo Budokan on the same tour?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nobody seems to know where the unedited Donington film is Jack. The problem is Blackmore isn’t really interested and it just becomes a nightmare to clear this stuff. There are fairly good pirate versions of the Japanese show kicking about as it came out there officially for a time…

  2. Jack. Says:

    This De Luke Edition would be really as such if on cd 2 were included just 3 songs: Stargazer, A Light in The Black and Do You Close Your Eyes. Just these 3 songs, nothing more, nothing less!!!

  3. John S Says:

    Regarding the date on the bonus live disc: I’ve seen a photo of the back cover for “On-Stage” and it says “9th December Osaka” as opposed to 16th December Tokyo. Had there been a change prior to pressing? Thanks!

  4. Rasmus Heide Says:

    The bonus disc mix sounds fab – as opposed to the German shows released earlier. But repeating 4-5 tracks on disc 2 from disc 1 (if you count Blues and Starstruck), albeit in somewhat longer (unedited) versions, seems a waste of space if other takes were available. The small ‘new’ bits previously edited out by Birch don’t warrant these tracks over entirely unreleased ones. And keeping the feel of one show also seems weird. Sorry, but this one could (should!) have been put together with so much more care and dedication. Who do we shoot?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well I don’t mind taking some of the blame, but I did my best given what I was able to work with! But it was supposed to be an On Stage special edition after all. But I’ll go quietly, just get me a purple blindfold.

    • Jim Collins Says:

      Rasmus, I rather like the German shows. What’s wrong with the mix on those? Other than that, I agree 100% with your assertion that this was a c*ck-up of epic proportions. Would have loved to have had a completely unreleased show as a bonus on On Stage, or at least a group of previously unreleased songs not necessarily from the same show…

  5. Rami Says:

    The band played LITB in the matinee show of the 16th in Tokyo. One of the very best shows of the Rising tour, e.g. Mistreated is the best version I’ve heard of the song (except maybe some choice Mk3 versions). Short intros but plenty of improvs within the songs. If these tapes were not found, then is there an official record in the archives saying which shows actually were recorded? Could it be they decided not to bother because the venue was far from full (according to Carey, Blackmore said , after being told of the poor-ish turn-out, ‘so it’s a rehearsal!’)? As for Simon’s comment on Carey’s solos (usually very enjoyable!), the intro solo to Stargazer in the show which comprises disc 2 here, is as devastating as it is long!

  6. andrew Says:

    Anthony I believe there a lot of that period was both taped and videoed (Donington, US radio, etc)

  7. Phil Says:

    A Light In The Black was played during some ’76 Japanese shows.

  8. Ben Booth Says:

    Wow…I’m totally impressed that Axel Rudy Pell is participating in this forum/thread. Isn’t anyone else just a wee bit in awe of this great guitarist…?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Axel has always been a massive DP fans and has kept in touch over the years, always nice to hear from him.

  9. Phil Says:

    Deluxe Editions… hmm. A couple of years ago they came with an outer plastic sleeve, which made them seem more deluxe. Also the booklet was wider and had 20+ pages. Now they come with a sticker that can deface the sleeve if your remove it or hide the artwork if you leave it on, and a max16 page booklet. Moan over but the re-issue of Jethro Tulls ‘Thick as a Brick’ is what I would call a deluxe edition.

  10. Allen Russell Says:

    I give up trying to post or leave a comment/ question or help to another poster on here. I always seem to get shunned by the moderator. Have I said something wrong?

  11. Axel Rudi Pell Says:

    “A Light In The Black” was never played live on the 1976 tour, BUT on the first tour in 1975. “Stargazer” was played on nearly all shows in 1976. You can hear it on all 3 “Deutschland Tournee 1976” officially released CD´s (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg) as well as on the “Live In Germany 1976” CD, so I don´t understand why it´s not featured here on the “On Stage” remaster, as it was professionally recorded.

    • jose galvan Says:

      I’m just taking up my chances without checking it, but I would swear they played A Light In The Black at least once in Japan at the end of the tour as an encore, maybe Tokyo?. Anyway I’m with Axel, that song, and of course Stargazer need to be on that record. it’s a must.

    • Hartmut Says:

      ALITB was played on some JAPAN 76 shows!

      • Joey Says:

        It was played in Japan. On 12-14-76 Hiroshoma

      • Jim Collins Says:

        Harmut is certainly correct. They Played ALITB quite a few times on the 1976 tour. Currently on bootlegs there are: NY June 17th, Dayton June 22nd, Chicago June 25th, Miami July 15th, Burbank August 3rd, Kyoto December 10th, Hiroshima December 14th, Tokyo December 16th (early show) and Tokyo December 16th (afternoon show).

    • Rami Says:

      As Roy Davies wrote earlier, Light in the Black was in the set regularly (in every show?) on the 1976 US tour leg, and then dropped for the UK and European tours. It was played in three shows on the Japanese tour (Kyoto, Hiroshima, and the matinee show in Tokyo).

  12. Mike Burnett Says:

    Interesting comments re Powell’s ability to cope with both Light In The Black and Stargazer. I suspect the difficulty wasn’t helped with his drum solo being wedged between the two on the ’76 live Japan gig I’ve heard where they did all 3 numbers. Give Cozy his due though – he batters the heck out of the songs but such effort was probably not sustainable!! I personally would fork out for an extra disc of audience taped lower quality live Rainbow with LITB on it as the stuff I’ve heard seems okay to my damaged ears. Makes me wonder what kind of kit these audience tapers managed to stick inside their jackets though!! Fingers crossed that there will be some decent Blackers pics in the On Stage booklet.

  13. overthehill Says:

    I am surprised how man fans want to hear STARGAZER live for it IS available on these…These were the HOLY GRAIL releases for Rainbow fans. Expensive but totally worth it. These are not audience recordings either! Live In Nuremberg 1976 , Live in KOLN 1976, Live in Dusseldorf 1976.

  14. Andreas Nagel Says:

    In a few comments in the internet there are informations that Cozy Powell couldn’t match these two giant songs like “Stargazer” and “A Light In The Black” because he was totally exhausted (I couldn’t believe that!!). But in my opinion there are only the two versions of “Stargazer” and “A Light In The Black” on the long player Rainbow Rising which shakes the earth! They never ever did it live. Maybe someone can tell me if they had played Tarot Woman live?

    • simon robinson Says:

      They did play “Stargazer” and “A Light In The Black” back to back on a couple of occasions, but nothing recorded officially so far as we know, only some poor cassette versions. Cozy did say at the time that because he played so hard, he really did feel it trying to do them both together. I remember one article where the reporter saw bandages on his hands as he’d been playing so hard they’d been bleeding. That’s commitment!

      • Roy Davies Says:

        Just had a quick trawl and the Stargazer-Light in the Black ‘coupling’ was a feature for a surprisingly long time- Most of the late 1975 USA shows and then right up to Aug 1976. (40 plus gigs?) LITB was dropped for the Sept UK tour (typical)..

    • Frank Musker Says:

      I seem to recall reading that Rainbow did try performing Tarot Woman live but could not nail it to their satisfaction so it was quickly dropped from the set.

  15. robert clay Says:

    It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t have included a version of Stargazer as one of the bonus tracks on the 2nd CD.

  16. Roy Says:

    In the Rainbow Live in Munich DVD they added some minutes of Light in the Black as an extra bonus but the image and the soundtrack are awful. It looks as if it was taken from a documentary on the US leg of that tour.

  17. Roy Davies Says:

    LLR&R looks the biz though, will be nice to have good quality versions of the rough mixes after years of fuzzy bootlegs. The only thing I can think of that would have really put the cherry on the cake would have been a top quality live take of LA Connection from the US tour. Alas, can’t have everything!

  18. Clay Says:

    Wasn’t Light In The Black played in the afternoon show at Tokyo on the 16th? Also it would have been nice to have included a full length version of Still I’m Sad (w/cozy’s solo) and where the hell is STARGAZER?!

  19. Jim Collins Says:

    I should have read more before I posted my last comments. Over on the Rainbow Fanclan site, they have an article where they break down where all the tracks on Onstage came from. Looks like most of Man On The Silver Mountain/Blues/Starstruck came from the December 16th late show, as did all of 16th Century Greensleeves. So two of the six tracks are basically being repeated on the remaster, with a few bits and pieces in other songs from the same show. Still, you can’t get enough of Blackmore from those days, can you?

    • simon robinson Says:

      There is some duplication but it was felt that it was better to try and present as much as possible from one show to keep the feel and continuity, plus the feel is much harder here. And no, we never tire of listening to Richie from 1976. Carey’s solos perhaps, but not Richie!

      • Jim Collins Says:

        Tony Carey’s solos boring? What? I always felt he was the best Rainbow keyboard player by miles (kilometers to you). His tone and style were by far the closest to Lord of all the Rainbow players (Still I’m Sad solo Onstage) and a top notch song writer as well. Bottom of the heap would be Paul Morris and David Stone.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Don’t get me wrong Jim, he WAS by far the best keyboard player the band ever had, but I just used to feel he was hamstring by what he could and couldn’t do in the band.

    • jp Says:

      There’s some good research in that piece, but there was a bunch of editing that Martin Birch did that isn’t documented. The vocals for “Still I’m Sad” were lifted from a completely different show and edited in for the Onstage LP. Easy to do digitally nowadays, but must have been a nightmare in analog 1977…

  20. Anthony Says:

    We really need new live material that actually hasn’t been released or just something a little different such as live stuff from the Bonnet or Turner era, but I guess none of its exists apart from the San Antonio and Japan ’84 shows. I heard a bootleg of Rainbow in Boston 1981 and apparently that was recorded for radio broadcast and it sounded really good, would be great if that was officially released.

  21. overthehill Says:

    Some of the bonus tracks on “Long Live Rock N Roll” are really a mess! The Don Kirshner tracks?! What are those anyway? Aren’t they just the studio tracks played back with Dio singing live over them? That is awful. I am interested in the rough mix version of Rainbow Eyes as it has just the basic guitar and Dio with no horns or strings and has a nice sparse feel. At least the “ON STAGE” has some new material!

  22. Arthur Shapoval Says:

    What about Night People from Long Live Rock’n Roll? Is it an actual unreleased Rainbow song?

  23. Pierre Baugnée Says:

    Hello Simon,
    any idea about other Rainbow remasters releases?

    • simon robinson Says:

      No, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be involved after the way this one went!

      • frodster Says:

        I am more eager to hear the debut Rainbow LP, with out takes. Wasn’t an ELO Celloist on some of the early run throughs?

      • simon robinson Says:

        A subtle remix of the whole album the properly place the guitar in context would be high on my wants list. I don’t know if the early single sessions survive.

  24. Jim Collins Says:

    Still, it’s too bad they didn’t take the opportunity to give the fans an officially released version of Light In The Black live. It HAS to have been recorded at some point in the tour, right? They recorded a lot of shows.

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