Concerto SE date

The special edition of Jon Lord’s Concerto 2012 has been fixed for the end of the first week of December. As trailed, it has the standard CD, a unique Making Of DVD, a multi 70+ page book, in A5 hardback format.

In the meantime the reissue of Before I Forget is now shipping from DTBOnline store.


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4 Responses to “Concerto SE date”

  1. peter chrisp Says:

    Simon & Marcin, this is not good, a review has been posted by someone already; “5.1 dvd audio complete disappointment, no separation from front speakers, dvd nearly a fraud, you only get the same sound from the front speakers, I had to put my ear on the speakers in order to find out whether it played anything, no navigation bar, sound could be a lot better.” I must admit it’s only one review, but …

    • simon robinson Says:

      Afraid I can’t comment as we don’t have the gear to listen to it on (even if we had been sent a copy, which we haven’t!). I know it has confused a lot of people though to the extent that some who ordered via DTB have requested their money back. As soon as you see the word DVD you do expect vision, and not everyone goes on to read the small print (or indeed necessarily has the grasp of English to do so). The obvious route was to wait and do the special edition first, with stereo disc, 5.1 audio disc, and the DVD. Then do the single stereo disc for the general market.

  2. Marcin Says:

    Simon, do you know if it contains the 5.1 mix?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I don’t think it does, and the stand alone 5.1 audio edition seems to be impossible to get from the label, its a real cock-up. But we’ll keep trying!

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