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Voting is still open to see Deep Purple inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. For the first time ever the general public have also been offered a vote. The fact that the ceremony next year would be almost exactly 45 years after they formed would be a nice coincidence too. Purple’s non-appearance amidst the galaxy of stars inducted ahead of them has been a bone of contention amongst some fans for a while now but their cause has not been helped by the difficulties inherent in getting some of the key members together to accept the honour. Paicey has suggested that the induction is now so embarrasingly long overdue he’d rather decline, while Blackmore has told Billboard he “couldn’t care less. I would never go. I’m not really a fan of that stuff. Considering some of the people that are in the Hall of Fame, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, so I don’t care one way or the other, actually.” It is a bit of a US centred list but then as it’s based in Cleveland you kind of expect that. By and large it’s not that far off kilter though, given a few pet hates most people looking at the list could come up with. I think he’s just miffed ‘cos Talking Heads beat them to it. And if they can get together on stage after all their bickering over the years…!

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26 Responses to “Hall of Fame”

  1. frodster Says:

    The guys should send the tribute band ‘Funky Junction’ to play ‘No One Came’.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Now there’s an idea! A Funky Junction reunion. Surprised none of the tribute bands have thought of using the name to be honest, maybe a bit too obscure for most.

  2. brian mullins Says:

    Personally, I would like to see Mk I play at least 1 song, or even better, 1 song for each lineup.

  3. paul anderson Says:

    As stated before, I think every member should be invited. Without Mk 1, Mk 2 may never have had the platform. Also every version has done some great music. If JLT had lasted another album then I think that could have been a great line up. Slaves lacked the bottom end in production. And Steve has brought some solidarity to the band along with Don, and some great writing. So although Mk 2 gave the world DP, they all should get recognition. As Jon Lord said, every one in the band wasn’t there just by merit, but being able to contribute etc.

  4. Pedro Nunes Says:

    That’s not a Purple thing.

  5. jamie williamson Says:

    I confess myself entirely ambivalent about the R & R Hall of Fame, and agree with Blackmore– who, elsewhere, added to the above reflections, “Plus it’s pretentious.” I liked Robert Fripp’s dry remark about getting into the Hall of Fame: “Sometimes the greatest flattery is to be overlooked.”

  6. John Barnes Says:

    I’ve been in that building a few times…JOKE!!!

  7. Mic Says:

    For decades, my life has been all about DEEP PURPLE…and I don’t need the RARHOF to tell me how great they are.

  8. Helmut Says:

    I actually find the concept of a Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame to be faulty to begin with. Who decides what’s good and what belongs there? And those who are not there are crap then? Bollocks! I honour those bands that I like by listening to their music, buying their records and going to their concerts. Deep Purple don’t need the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame to tell them that they’re a great band.

  9. Les Hedger Says:

    Aren’t the band already in some sort of HOF in Europe?

  10. Ronnie Bellamy Says:

    With Purple’s massive contribution, influence and virtuosity they should have been inducted years ago. However, I have this feeling that if dear Jon hadn’t passed away then they’d probably have been overlooked yet again. With this in mind the nomination feels like one borne out of guilt rather than respect, and as such I find it somewhat distasteful and shameful that this organisation has finally seen fit to grace this wonderful group of men, and particularly our dear Jon far too late.
    Members of Purple have always maintained that they wouldn’t accept if offered a place, so I hope they stand proud, keep their integrity and tell them to go fuck themselves.
    I think the only members that would turn up would be Coverdale, Hughes and JLT, with the last two being so media hungry that they’d turn up to the opening of an envelope if invited!

  11. Henrik Says:

    I really think Albert King should be inducted. He is a far more original guitarist than Blackmore.

  12. Eduardo Avello Says:

    Don’t forget about Joe Lynn…

  13. Roberto Says:

    “Win it and refuse it”…They should have been invited the first day R’N’R Hall of fame was created…now it can be only called R’N’R Hall of shame…

  14. collins Says:

    I agree with Blackmore, as an old fan I don’t really give a damn abour R’n’r Hall of Fame….Deep Purple together with Abba? Who really cares about it?

  15. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    It would be rather interesting to see who’d show up or who would be allowed to participate. Would they acknowledge only the more famous Mark 2 version. Or would Rod, Nick, Glen, David, Don and/or Steve be invited? I all but assumed Ritchie wasn’t coming, so that would leave, at the least, Paice, Gillan, and Glover!

    • simon robinson Says:

      For me the invite ought to go out to every member. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely the band would exist if Hush had given them a taste of success and inspired their managers to keep funding the project.

  16. jose galvan Says:

    I can’t see the need of it all. They felt before that they could not accept because the organisers categorized them as heavy metal. And right now? progressive, classic (sic), hard or Pet hop Boys lookalikes? Who cares? Who will play at the ceremony? well, I would love them to floor them all at the induction to tell the truth, and PLEASE dear Purple, do not play Smoke On The Water! Wring That Neck or Mandrake Root as a 20 minute version would do it nicely…

    • simon robinson Says:

      I suspect that induction deal would contractually oblige them to play Smoke at the very least, but I like the idea of Wring That Neck, perhaps with Steve and Ritchie taking alternate solos.

  17. Michiel Says:

    Paice is right.

  18. mAx___ Says:

    I agree with Blackmore 100%. Let’s not even participate in this thing! Make them induct Justin Bieber instead, might as well…

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