Mumbling Thing Blues

All good things must come to an end, and the archive series of Deep Purple titles released in the past through Purple Records and the Sonic Zoom collection will disappear over the next few months. As a recent announcement from DPO has explained, they will resurface in new editions on a German label, starting with Paris 1975. I’ll not be involved in that work. As you know I spent many years building this small but core catalogue up (starting back in RPM days) with the help of many fans, dedicated studio folk and of course the original manager and it was mostly a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who had kind words to say about the releases over the years, and helped in any way on them.


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45 Responses to “Mumbling Thing Blues”

  1. Harald Niemann Says:

    So sad to hear, Simon. You did a very great job. Thanks a lot for this.

    I just wanted to send you some samples of my own tape recording from DP’s concert in Frankfurt/Germany on December 15, 1973. A relatively good recording quality with some tape noise, that could possibly filtered out by today’s means. After this concert I met Jon personally backstage for my very fist time, and we had a very nice talk.

  2. Rasmus Heide Says:

    This news stopped me in my tracks when it first appeared. As Galway says, why use knowlegeable dedicated people if you can avoid them? But I should have twigged when the Machine Head 40th vinyl turned out to be such an awfully poor job. Quality control and the moral obligation to do The Right Thing seems to have gone all but AWOL.

  3. Henrik Says:

    VERY sorry to hear this, but thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Splendid job! One question for you, where does this leave the unreleased CDs?

  4. Rami Says:

    Sorry to hear that, Simon. Thank you for the dedication and top notch work.

  5. vince chong Says:

    I have been a big fan of the archive series especially the Sonic Zoom titles. It was an affordable option to obtaining the best and legendary bootlegs but there was a lot of love and work put into these recordings from obtaining the best audio available out there , to the exceptional packaging and research. My thanks for launching this project many years back as i believe this to be one of the most important contributions you have made as keeper of the purple flame.

  6. Mårten Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve really liked the releases and your artwork has been excellent, Simon. There were a couple of things I would have loved to see on the label. I’ve waited a long time for the California Jam reissue, I guess I will have to wait forever now …

  7. Les Hedger Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work Simon. It’s really appreciated!! If you’re not involved, the German label will probably be really cheap looking with no real history.

  8. oldschool Says:

    I am sad to hear this as your work was a labour of love and gave us many great gems that may otherwise have never seen the light of day. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Just curious, does this pretty much doom any chance of a Live in Japan box set of the complete Made in Japan shows ever being released?

  9. Dave Stoddard Says:

    A BIG BIG thanks to you is in order – dont think we would have got to hear these releases if it wasn’t for all the hard work that you put in.

  10. Drdp Says:

    Your efforts did not go unnoticed or unappreciated Simon. ALL THANKS

  11. Phil Says:

    I have all the sonic zoom and the Purple records releases you were involved in. Wonderful design and well packaged. But the real reason I bought them was knowing the people behind them loved the band as much as me.

  12. Stéphane Says:

    Does that mean that some of the other tapes will never be released ? That would be a pity… So thank you so much for your hard work and the Sonic Zoom catalogue released so far.
    Cheers Stephane

  13. Karl-Heinz Says:

    I loved the great editions of Sonic Zoom, which not would be available without the work of Simon. My English is too bad, to say how grateful I am. Great recrodings, great artworks and booklets. Thanks for everything. A big part of my life.

    Special thanks for being the keeper of the treasures..

    Karl-Heinz from Germany

  14. Helmut Says:

    Can I say how much I regret this? I always thought you did a tremendous job. I reckoned “New, Live and Rare” all those years ago was kind of an end, too. Thank you very much for all your work in that field. It’s one of the few projects, where fans had a voice.

  15. MAtz Says:

    Very sad to hear this. Thanks for everything. I hope the new company publishes editions with the same love that the fans have to DP.

  16. John Blackburn Says:

    Shame! Worth it alone for the wonderful Perks and tit, thanks.
    Funny coz on the net people are talking about Paris 1975 as if it is being released for the first time ever.

  17. Anders Says:

    And thank you for your excellent work for your fellow fans!

  18. timothy Campbell Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about this – the archive releases totally rekindled my love of DP and I’ll never forget first listening to ‘Space Vol 1&2’ on CD, it was as though I’d never heard the tape that Simon did for me off his original vinyl copy in 1982 – which I still have, I wonder if it’s valuable?!

  19. Phil Cohen Says:

    As Simon has now learned, in the business world, there is no such thing as gratitude…..after all he has done to promote and preserve the music of Deep Purple for the past 35 years.
    Thanks for your efforts over the years.

  20. Jim Collins Says:

    Simon, I know I speak for many people when I say the Sonic Zoom releases brought a lot of joy to Purple fans over the years. Thanks for the work you did in getting those out to the fans. I bought all the MkII releases, as well as the single MkI release and enjoy them all on a regular basis. The prospect of all new re-issues/remixes isn’t that exciting really. I’d hoped to see a few more releases before the series ended…

  21. Roberto Souza Says:

    Good job Simon! And thanks a lot!

  22. JohnSimonBeverly Says:

    Simon, thank you dearly for your hard, dedicated and much appreciated work during such a long time for us fellow fans. Please let us know if there is any way we could assist and we’d be honored to do it.

  23. Bruce Middleton Says:

    Loved these releases. Too bad they stopped.
    Great job !!!

  24. stratpack Says:

    Very sad Simon, the end of an era.
    Will there be any further ‘new’ archive material releases or is the German label just going to reissue what’s previously been released? Will you have any input on DP releases in the future?

  25. chascrap Says:

    Simon, your work in getting early, important DP material treated with the respect it deserves and brought to the attention of a wider audience will always be appreciated. The band themselves probably owe you a huge debt of gratitude for ensuring their legacy and reputation endures and without which I doubt the reformation would have sustained itself as strongly and long (longly and strong?) as it has.

  26. purpledaniel Says:

    Congrats for the great job done Simon!

  27. Mike Galway Says:

    At least they are consistant – after all who would want the person who kept the flame burning, knows his stuff and has always acted with integrity involved… Doh! Thanks Simon-we owe you a lot x

  28. matthewturnage Says:

    I saw the announcement from DPO, and naturally assumed you’d have a hand in. A shame. I’ll miss your sense of design on the packages, but at least the music will still be the music. I just hope the audio quality of any future “official bootlegs” will be up to the same standard. The release I saw mentioned that of the 10 they have planned, “some” have never been released before. Any idea how many “new” titles we might see? I’m not planning on double dipping on any previously released titles, but new archive releases are always exciting.

  29. Steve Steele Says:

    What a great job you have done. I’m glad to have been a part of this in some small way, by watching and buying new releases through the years. Congrats on doing such a tremendous job, you’ve certainly kept my love of Deep Purple music alive and going. I do have one comment though. I’m starting to see new video footage of 60’s and 70’s Deep Purple pop up that I have never seen before, and thought did not exist (especially MKIII and IV). I’m sure most or some of it is privately held, but collecting, cleaning, publishing and archiving all possible video for release would be a great direction to go in.

  30. Tim Summers Says:

    Sad that you won’t be involved in the new batch of archive releases Simon – your name on a DP disc was synonymous with quality, both in terms of material and sleevenotes/artwork. Thanks to your studious work on the vintage releases over the years we Purple fans are blessed with a collection of treasures the like of which may never be equalled. Thank you.

  31. Robert Lundgren Says:

    What about all the planned releases, will they ever appear? If so, is the plan to treat them like the Sonic Zoom releases with nice detailed booklets, etc?
    Anyway, thanks a lot for what was released on Purple and Sonic Zoom. Much appreciated to say the least. Aachen 1970 is one I’ll keep with me until my very last day in this world, that’s for sure. What is on that disc may be technically unbalanced but to me it is the definition of Rock N Roll.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yep, Aachen 70 might very well be my desert island DP record, the band at their most out there – in more ways than one.

  32. Tonny Says:

    Thanks Simon for your sterling work over the last 35+ years to keep the Purple flame alive.

  33. Stephen West Says:

    The work you put into those releases was phenomenal and I’ve enjoyed them immensely over the years. I and countless others have been waiting anxiously for the series to continue but it seems as if it’s all come to an end?
    It’s not your announcement I know so there’s no reason why you should know but they say there’s going to be previously unreleased shows. Any idea what they might be?

  34. Michiel Blijboom Says:

    You did a terrific job. Thanks!

  35. Petri Myllylä Says:

    This is sad news. All the best! Petri.

  36. Ziya Celayiroglu Says:

    A big THANKS for YOU Simon. Would that all have happened if you didn’t get involved in it? Cheers from Ankara…

  37. Twanky Says:

    Thanks for everything with these releases. I don’t understand Paris 75 being released again though ??

  38. Paul Hackett Says:

    Thank you for getting those releases out to us, they form an important part of my collection.

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