Mistakes, I’ve made a few…

Cor; I know everyone likes to replicate old vinyl these days, but I was surprised to see EMI going to such lengths as reproducing old price stickers on all the new MH40 anniversary front covers…  I was checking my copy over and thought at first there was some damage to the cover, until I realised they’d just been down Record & Tape Exchange and scanned in an old second-hand cover. Check the L of Purple.
Apparently they duplicated tracks on some of the formats and had to trash, which was the production delay. Go and stand at the back of the class!
The new remaster of Rainbow On-Stage isn’t free of cock ups either , they’ve labelled the bonus disc as coming from Osaka, when it is in fact from Tokyo 16th December 1976. I’m not sure how this has crept in. The Osaka reels only had a couple of songs, the rest of the show is lost.
Still overall the two Rainbow sets are getting the general thumbs up, with people appreciating the extras on Long Live as being better than the boots of Cozy’s tapes which have hitherto been the main source of this stuff. Both available at the DTB online store needless to say.


14 Responses to “Mistakes, I’ve made a few…”

  1. Alex Says:

    Does anyone know if the first Rainbow album will get a deluxe\remastered edition? This has always been my favorite and could benefit from a bit of a “tweak” so to speak.

  2. Jack. Says:

    Rainbow On Stage “De Luxe Edition” without Stargazer or Light in the Black? Man, you’re kidding!!!!

  3. Andy Says:

    Talking of mistakes, it is a real shame that they left the single mix of All Night Long off the Deluxe Edition of Down To Earth. I played the 7″ single a lot and so I prefer that mix to the LP version. But I have found the single mix on CD – it is on the old 2LP/2CD Best Of.

  4. Phil Says:

    The 40th anniversary edition of Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull also has faults on the DVD, all need to be replaced

  5. Helmut Says:

    Can someone explain to me the logic of including “bonus” tracks on the “deluxe” On stage that are mere duplications of material from the original album? Even if the guys in charge of the project have no ears, they might have just looked at the notes in the booklet of this new CD to find out that parts of “Kill the king” and “Catch the rainbow” plus “Man on the silver mountain”, “Blues”, “Starstruck” and “Sixteenth century greensleeves” from the original “On stage” were taken from the show they now include as a “bonus”. However, the signature “Stargazer” is not included at all. With the exception of “Do you close your eyes”, which includes about one and a half minutes of musical stagnation (probably Ritchie smashing the guitar, but you can’t hear that), the set doesn’t include different songs. So basically you get the same album twice!?! Whatever survives of the Osaka show probably would have offered more of interest than this, unless only “Catch the rainbow” survives. Another chance lost in the Rainbow catalogue, huge disappointment.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There were only two tracks found from Osaka, Helmut, the rest is missing.

      • Rami Says:

        Simon, which tracks from Osaka were found? What is your educated guess, where did all the tapes Birch recorded go?

      • simon robinson Says:

        It’s a bit confusing. I just checked back through the notes we made; Osaka 9th – which is what the Cd claims to be but isn’t – only two tracks remain. As to where the rest of the reels went, this is something of a mystery. I can only think that when they were mixed, some reel were left at the studio as often happens, but why some came back and not the rest…

  6. Joey Says:

    The Onstage and LLRAR reissues are def the best ones as far as bonus material is concerned. What I think would’ve been even more interesting is if they recorded any shows from the USA tour of 1978 where it’s been reported that the band played Gates of Babylon, LA Connection and Lady of the Lake (there are some dud bootlegs with LA Connection on it so we know for sure that one was played).

  7. Alan Nimmo Says:

    Simon, is the Rainbow bonus disc of Tokyo 16/12 from the afternoon or evening show?

  8. The Ranting Git Says:

    EMI have certainly been screwing up big time lately showing a carelessness that defies belief. Last months 50th anniversary replica 7 inch of The Beatles’ “Love Me Do” ended up being a major fiasco with them pressing the wrong version of the A side, then having to recall the entire stock (not before some copies got sold and leaked out before the official release date) and repressing it again and from all accounts did it very badly.

    So, the news they had “teething problems” with this Purple release comes as no surprise. Given that will likely be the final DP product that EMI will ever release, it’s a sad sorry shambolic ending… same goes for The Beatles too. No wonder they’ve ended up being sold to Universal (which I have to admit depresses me nevertheless)

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s hard to know where Deep Purple titles will appear once the merger is over, the thought is EMI may be left with it’s own identity still rather than entirely phased out. And while mistakes could be avoided if more people were there to check, you have to think we all work less well when our jobs, futures, etc. are at risk. I hadn’t heard about The Beatles saga.

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