Smoke On The Water in a jar

Tim Summers spotted this wheeze from the caterers at the recent Kiev Deep Purple concert – curious to know what it was all about, he ran it through some translation software:
deep purple smoke on the water jar
“Deep Purple band under his loud laugh kindly agreed to leave at the first imaging autographs own songs. Catering company Meat & Lounge part of Royal family commissioned concert BonapArt company provided meals concert in Kiev. There is always a place of work, but there is also a desire to get a souvenir from the world of music legends.
Quart jar half full of water, and half of cigarette smoke with a small white bumazhechkoy on board was placed on the table, group to sign. Collective long laugh at such an idea
For the first time the group left the team for autographs later jar with a blue lid. I’m sure they’ve seen a lot, but not a quart jar with water and smoke from cigarettes.”

“I’m glad A Gypsy’s Kiss wasn’t their big worldwide hit,” mused Tim. Meanwhile the band’s merchandisers are busy calling Chinese manufacturers as we speak…


3 Responses to “Smoke On The Water in a jar”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Weird post.. jar spatula bluebell blackers russia hopscotch blah blah… lost dog in hanwelll translation! Collective loud senseless laugh! (someone elses turn)!?!

  2. Anders Mossberg Says:

    Kinda harder with a jar of Fire In The Sky, though…

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