Site updates

New French Deep Purple date, plus link to an interesting lounge version of Smoke on French TV.
Another Ian Paice tribute CD session.


4 Responses to “Site updates”

  1. Mic Says:

    The band is probably just waiting to see how Bob Ezrin polished the recent sessions before moving forward with playing any of the new material.

  2. peter chrisp Says:

    Their best years are well behind them; we will get to see them in March next year along with Journey on the same bill. Your comments above are not harsh, it’s a fact that they’re I guess not as good as they were during their heyday.

  3. overthehill Says:

    My, how the mighty have fallen. Gillian is out of key and looks like he just woke up. They are like a cartoon now. If you are going to do fusion do it aggressively not lounge-like. As far as the new album goes Ian Paice is the key. If he isn’t burning like his life depended on it, it just won’t be anything exciting. Hope people aren’t upset at my harshness but why are they doing this?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’m just confused that if the last album was as brilliant as we were told it was, they have stopped playing anything from it now…

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