Ian Paice France November 2012

Ian Paice, France, November 2012 (photo Adrien Rouyer)

Roger has some news on the album, we’ve a summary here and a link to the full story.
Meanwhile, there are set lists for the three recent French gigs here and comments from Adrien Rouyer (who also took this great shot of Paice at one of theme).
There’s a new French language biography of Tommy Bolin due out, cover and details here.
Lastly, there are plans afoot to celebrate Jon Lord‘s life with a blue plaque on the house where he was born in Leicester and spent the first twenty years or so of his life. We’ll not publish the address here as yet, but the current owners of the property have agreed. There will be more details announced this coming week. I have offered the organisers DTB’s help and support if they can make use of it. I must admit to being a bit of a blue plaque fan; nothing more interesting than stumbling across them when you’re visiting a town and walking around. We stopped in Ripley the other day and spotted the house where WW2 inventor Barnes Wallis lived marked out. And then were  depressed to see the council have allowed the destruction of most of the C18 Butterley Engineering works down the road where St. Pancras was forged…


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4 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    This message is not intended to be insensitive or morbid, but on the subject of Jon: It has been reported that Jon has a final resting place at St. Marys Church, Hambleden, Buckinghamshire. By the looks of Google Earth, it is a very lovely peaceful place. I don’t expect, nor would I want, a mass pilgrimage to the church, but a photograph, in time, would be nice (If I am fortunate, I will definitely visit him one day).

    • simon robinson Says:

      There is a photo on the Jon Lord page on this site. I have not visited myself but like you will go and pay my respects in due course.

  2. Lea Says:

    Instead of blue, why not a “purple” plaque for Jon Lord as he was the keyboard player in Deep Purple after all and that would be a more fitting colour.
    Trouble is though, you have to be a living person to receive a purple plaque and one of the criteria’s to receive a blue plaque states that the persons must have been dead for twenty years.

    • simon robinson Says:

      There are TWO official plaque schemes Lea. One only considers people who have been dead for twenty years or more, the other is more flexible. I’ll certainly mention the colour idea though.

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