News and site updates

The special edition of the 2012 Concerto is shipping from DTB Online and elsewhere. Details of the edition on the site here. More Jon Lord news on the dedicated page here.

Coverdale explans all about his own range of wines in a new documentary, details and a link to the site here.

Martin Popoff’s two books on Purple are combined in a new German language edition, the cover can be seen here.

Details of the first of the revamped Deep Purple audio archive titles are appearing; this will be the Paris 1975 show plus a bonus interview and new packaging. I’m not sure how it will differ sonically but suspect it will be more or less the same audio (and let’s be honest, it was a great mix). We’ll cover the new editions on the site here.

The California Jam book is now on the litho presses and binding is set to commence later this week. Simon was down at the printers for much of last week and came back with a proof copy to review, so expect more soon. In the meantime details of the title here (and please note the signature edition is almost sold out).

EMI have deleted their recent Machine Head CD box set, Ann is contacting late customers who have been waiting. There was no indication from EMI that this was limited to one pressing, so it’s taken us by surprise. Copies are around with some other dealers but prices are going up. We’re also told that the special remaster of Down To Earth has gone.

Finally Roger Glover is now suggesting April as the likely release date for the new Deep Purple album.

If you missed our last site update, check it out now. If you’re wanting anything from the DTBOnline site in time for Christmas do get a wriggle on as supply lines are quite stretched at the moment! So it was with huge joy that Ann’s phone line went down yet again last week. BT are now saying a 300 yard stretch of cable serving several properties needs replacing. Her calls are being diverted to our other line…

Thought for the day. Dear George Osbourne, if we’re all in this together, how come I never see you in Poundland?



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One Response to “News and site updates”

  1. Bernt Küpper Says:

    Just got “Paris 1975” today. I did not yet compare the sound to the former release but the interviews are not bad. Coverdale explaining how he got the job as a singer in DP and about the writing/rehearsing days at Clearwell. Paicey talks about the tracks on Stormbringer. (First time I see a digipack with two discs stored batchwise.)

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