Made In …..

Here’s a great sleeve misprint which Tonny Steenhagen spotted up for grabs recently. Made In Japan but without the photos front and back! It does look very weird but confirms that the gold was a special ink run done before the sleeve went through the normal four colour printing process. Unusual for something like this to get through the quality control process during packing at EMI but not sure it’s worth the £90+ the seller was looking for it.

Made In Japan sleeve misprint

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5 Responses to “Made In …..”

  1. Les Hedger Says:

    Maybe the band were so LOUD, they blew the picture off!

  2. timinox Says:

    A smart a*se replies: of course the gold was a special ink – if done in 4 colour it would look like sandy coloured mud! How do I know? – I’ve sent similar jobs to print, before learning about ‘special’ colours, and had to suffer the result! Nice rarity but defnitely overpriced…

    • simon robinson Says:

      You should’ve asked Uncle Simon. Connoisseur LOVED me when they got the print bill for the Knebwroth 85 sleeve – special day-glo pink and special part-varnish over print. An what exactly is a smart apse?

  3. Speedygoya Says:

    I guess that one of the people that worked in the record plant then just took it home with him. Don”t think it has anything to do with any quality control or whatever.

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