Never say Never Before

A promo copy of the original 1972 edition of the Never Before single as released in Japan was sold last November for just over £250 by a dealer there. These copies carry a plain blue label with text, logo and details in silver. Otherwise the paper fold over sleeve and bag are as normal, though the back normally carries a small sticker marking it as not for sale. This is the most we’ve seen one sell for in a while, but shows there is still interest in these slightly out of the ordinary pressings. Tracked by Tonny Steenhagen. Who does point out that future copies are very unlikely to reach the same giddy heights, so I’ll not bother checking my collection out!

Never Before Japan promo


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5 Responses to “Never say Never Before”

  1. Junji Jimmy Seto Says:

    Under the WB logo says MIHONBAN which means sample and left side says HIBAIHIN means not for sales, it’s seemes typical sample for media and related company I reckon

  2. Dajudge Says:

    How is the quality of the actual pressing?

  3. Steve Says:

    What was the B side for this? Was it SOTW?

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