A very short first teaser from the band’s new album has been posted by their label. Does this mean that somebody has actually devised a marketing campaign?! We dashed over needless to say but sadly all we get is a lengthy keyboard intro which leads into a slow shuffle with more than a touch of the Purpendiculars about it. Which they immediately fade out. Hopefully more meaningful chunks will follow. For now have a listen and scoot over to the link and you can also sign up to the special new website for the LP. Thanks to Tim Summers for the info.


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6 Responses to “?!”

  1. George Mallios Says:

    Come on guys, Listen to it again…
    It’s Tarot Woman….

    • simon robinson Says:

      Missed that but now you mention it George. I did discuss at the time of Jon’s departure with fans about who might work in the band, and Carey’s name was one which a few suggested.

  2. vince chong Says:

    Thats exactly what it is – a teaser. I am hooked.

  3. Drdp Says:

    Very “Fools” , “Child In Time ” like intro……. waiting for the big bang to come.

  4. Michiel Says:

    Sounds like ‘Knocking At Your Back Door Part II’.

  5. Raj Kohli Says:

    I wish I hadn’t heard this….sounds very awesome…..and now i am wishing my life away. It better be the first week of April. At least February is a short month.

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