Louder than everything else?

Vince Collins spotted the speaker of the House of Commons – Mr. Bercow – recently complaining that the noise was so loud in Parliament that it sounded like Deep Purple at full volume… You can find a link to him moaning on the BBC news site here!


9 Responses to “Louder than everything else?”

  1. Drdp Says:

    Besides “C’mon You Muthas”, my favorite line from Made In Japan.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You cannot beat “get your diabolicalies out” from IG on the H-Bomb recording! And excuse the spelling, it’s not in my dictionary…

  2. Bo Says:

    Well in Denmark we don’t have this kind of noise in our Parliament. They sleep! I wish I could hear the 1969-1973 Deep Purple “noise” again. Bring it back!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ah yes, the famous opening ear shredding sound engineer waking up hall testing noise! Funnily enough there is quite a it about this in the upcoming In Rock book…

  3. Raymond Says:

    Must have sounded pretty darn good!

  4. Kevin Staden Says:

    Clearly the speaker has never attended a Purple concert. Purple make good music, parliament tend to make the opposite!!

  5. Barry Williamson Says:

    Surely it should be the House of LORD….

  6. Jon Kirkman Says:

    The difference however is that any noise Deep Purple makes is far preferable to any noise coming from the House of Commons!

  7. Michiel Says:

    I don’t hear him saying it.

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