Made In Japan revisited

whitesnake made in japanIn an act either of supreme confidence or a waking up the morning after thinking ‘well it seemed like a good idea at the time’ moment, Whitesnake have decided to call their new live album Made In Japan. Thus ensuring it will never ever find it’s way to google’s front page when you search for it!  Taped over there two years ago, it comes in the usual range of formats, with bonus soundcheck tracks, etc. So far only Japanese release date info is available. Full track list and more information on the DC page on the site. Guitarist Doug Aldrich is still in the band if you’re keeping score. He’s not a drummer. Aldridge / Aldrich – I was up very early this morning and need my breakfast! (Tommy Aldridge who IS a drummer is now back in the band…but wasn’t when this was recorded). Thanks to everyone who was wider awake than me…


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16 Responses to “Made In Japan revisited”

  1. David Says:

    Hmmm…..Mr. Coverdale Is NOT Ian Gillan!!

  2. Ian Douglas Says:

    For goodness sake! Presumably the Japanese own the title not Britishers on holiday. . . the current lineup of DP is hardly the same these days as in MIJ and yet still playing the same set – is everyone similarly upset about that!

  3. Jack. Says:

    Calling this album “Made in Japan” is such a blasphemy! There´s only one Made in Japan! They should call it “Snakes over the rising sun” or something like that. Not ripping off the legendary title…

  4. Mark Nolde Says:

    I wish the Slip Of The Tongue demo’s could be revisited with Vandenberg. I always wondered how that album would have sounded with him instead of Vai.

  5. Drdp Says:

    How original…. some 40 years later. It wasn’t enough for DC to have one called ”Made For Japan”.
    Do we think he’s reminding us of his past in Mk 3 for a future reason? Gawd, I hope not.

  6. Tim Mitchell Says:

    Saw a clip of Whitesnake playing Trouble on some 70s rock show the other night. Made me realise exactly why I’m not going to see them with Journey etc.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Track down that early clip of them on Revolver with the legendary Peter Cook presenting – fabulous fun. Whitesnake Sheffield 1979? One of the best gigs by any band I ever saw.

  7. David White. Says:

    Who do they think they are?

  8. Timothy Says:

    I believe it was to be called ‘Live In Japan’, but was changed as the Americans would think that the band had moved to the far east (“liv” ‘live’… oh, suit yourselves!)

  9. Anthony Says:

    Tommy certainly gets around… last time I saw him way back in 1996 in London with Mr Malmsteen trying to keep up with the guy’s turbo charged guitar playing.

  10. Ian Douglas Says:

    Good on them I say and looking forward to this. Love Whitesnake and despite some misgivings around the Vai era (Slow Poke must surely be the pits! So deep as to not yet be fathomed either by Christopher Lee or Vincent Price) they (David and band/s) have surely made an enormous and lasting contribution.

  11. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Doug Aldrich! A man of many talents then……;)

  12. mikeyD Says:

    Doug Aldrich…a drummer???!!!!

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