Where’s my Robin Hood outfit…

Blackmores Night liveBlackmore’s Night are playing a handful of UK shows in late June. Dates on the site here.


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11 Responses to “Where’s my Robin Hood outfit…”

  1. Michael Says:

    Where’s my Robin Hood outfit.. is a Gillan lyric anyway. No one came on seminal Fireball.. Got very little to do with Blackmore, who did some superb guitarwork on that track!

  2. n mills Says:

    That should read: “No One Came” then?

  3. n mills Says:

    Where’s my Robin Hood outfit…
    Would that be “No One Came Then” ?
    Having beaten the intro what’s my prize!

  4. Drdp Says:

    I am tiring myself of the ”Renaissance period” with Ritchie after some 15 years or so now, but I still contend that the Man has the right to perform whatever type of music that satisfies him. It is up to us to like it or not.

  5. Allan Heron Says:

    Carnegie Hall, Scotland?!?!?!

    One hopes that he’s got a more detailed route when travelling there.

    I assume this is Dunfermline, but it is not the only place to have a Carnegie Hall

    • simon robinson Says:

      Think you’re probably right. There are a couple of other venues by this name – Bolton, New York, etc. (Carnegie was born there).

    • IanG Says:

      It will be Dunfermline. Some trivia…..Billy Connolly released an album called ‘Atlantic Bridge’ side 1 was recorded at CH Dunfermline, Side 2 at CH New York. So now you know.

      • simon robinson Says:

        We like trivia here! I was reading yesterday in a contemporary issue of NME (amazing how interesting 40+ year old issue are!) that Martin Birch was busy engineering Fleetwood Mac in 1969 and they were trying to lure him over to America as he was their favourite studio guy. If they’d succeeded, he might not have been around when they came to cut the In Rock tracks at De Lane Lea and the band’s history would have been so different…

  6. andrew Says:

    You can’t help yourself can you, always got to mock. Shame you don’t mock Deep Purple (sorry that should be the Ian Gillan Band) for living of the past when on tour. Did Gillan not say they would being doing no new songs on tour. Like it or not Blackmore is doing is own thing.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I really cannot see any jibe in this tiny little news item whatsoever, and the title is just a line from one of the best DP tracks ever! Or does he come on in a suit and tie these days?

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