Blackmore with Purple

Deep Purple and Jurgen Blackmore, Hamburg 2010

This interesting photo has been kicking about in my in-tray for a while, and shows Deep Purple guesting with Blackmore on the 2010 tour. That’s Jurgen Blackmore of course! We think it was taken in Hamburg on November 27 during a run through of Smoke On The Water. JB was playing with Over The Rainbow at the time. I checked out a couple of the wobbly audience videos which are kicking about but sadly (apart from them inducing motion sickness) JB takes the super fast route through the solo rather than ease off the gas a bit like his dad. Still you can see where this could potentially lead…
I’ve lost the photo credit for this, please email if you sent it in and I will correct.

To read a review of Over The Rainbow with some photos, check this page out.


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3 Responses to “Blackmore with Purple”

  1. Michael Anthony Says:

    Blimey, he’s a dead-ringer for his old man!

  2. andrew Says:

    Yes deep (GILLAN) purple would be an even worse cover band then they are now. Sorry I forgot you can’t say any thing wrong about them can you?

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