UK date?

Deep Purple in poolAre Deep Purple planning a UK concert? Ian Gillan was interviewed in New Zealand recently, and mentioned them playing in London at the Royal Opera House in July. Our eagle eyed reporter Tim Summers had a scan at their site which reveals the last week of July currently ‘free’. It’s an unusual choice of venue and certainly something different for the band. We’ll let you know if we hear any more (and feel free to do the same!).

Here’s a link to the interview if you fancy having a listen.


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5 Responses to “UK date?”

  1. Rick Freeman Says:

    Oh! THAT Tim..ok. He has not changed any. That could be a good thing!

  2. Twanky Says:

    Someone who you wouldn’t see at a Blackmore’s Night show…

  3. Steve Edwards Says:

    They may as well change their name because Purple without Blackmore and Lord is just some other band.

  4. Rick Freeman Says:

    Who is ‘Tim Summers’?

    • simon robinson Says:

      The man who almost demolished a corner of the Royal Northern College of Music the other day, skidding in the snow trying to get to a concert on time…

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