Now What?!

Deep Purple Now What

Release plans and album title confirmed, along with details of the CD bonus disc, a single and much more. The low-down is here.


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9 Responses to “Now What?!”

  1. Meurig Thomas Says:

    Just heard the new single in full. Its stunning and very close to Made in Japan in feel. Can’t decide whether “All The Time In The World” or “Haunted” is my favourite DP song ever!

  2. Andrew Butler Says:

    German Tour dates just been anounced this afternoon, new album in tow with Peter Frampton as special guest. Guess I’ll have to go and see them again…

  3. Steve Allum Says:

    Will you be stocking the 7″ single and the CD single ??
    Don’t want to go through the usual ebay rip off as we have had recently with the Record Store Day releases.
    Better ordering and getting it from you good people !!

    • simon robinson Says:

      We have spoken to the distributor and will order the singles, and I’ll add to our catalogue shortly (and appreciate your support – and that of everyone else who keeps DTB going by ordering). We do still have a few sensibly priced copies of the Record Day vinyl in stock.

  4. Keith Livingstone Says:

    I think it’s OK. The info drip feed is working well. Need to get the Twitter account sorted though.

    • simon robinson Says:

      My sister set one up for me, but it just seems mostly to have been taken over by PR and marketing people. Not to mention Stephen Fry and Rupert Murdoch!

  5. Mike Galway Says:

    Has Paicey gone to the trouble of buying a grey wig?

  6. Keith Livingstone Says:

    The blurb is reading ….’Deep ?urp!e’….eek

    • simon robinson Says:

      I noticed that. DTB will of course in the interests of written English (and cussedness!) ignore this typographical mess!

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