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Deep Purple California Jam 1974Amidst the build up to the new album, a bit of archive action with a look back at The California Jam from Classic Rock Radio. This web based station is airing a one hour radio special on Saturday 2nd March at 6pm and Sunday 3rd March at 6pm (after which it will be available on the station’s listen again facility). The show is talking about the gig and the recent California Jam Photo Biography, with clips from the set and presenter Jon Kirkman interviewing the author (whoever that is!). Although only a small operation CRR is getting an awful lot of followers thanks to them actually a) knowing their stuff and b) playing material not off the normal playlists. Rocket scientists pay attention!


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2 Responses to “Rock Radio”

  1. frodster Says:

    Good to hear you ‘on the air’ Simon.
    Treading that fine line with great aplomb.

  2. Neil Cutler Says:

    Great to listen to the interview. Classic concert and you dropped a classic comment, ‘in the heat of the moment’… Good one!
    Pretty cool that Blackers only signed one copy of the Cal Jam book for Jon’s family. That might rub the wrong way with some fans but I reckon he was spot on there.

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