Walk / don’t walk

Deep Purple What Now

The band have issued a few new promo shots including this very Ramones style pose! We’ve added the DP single to the DTBOnline Store, but not the vinyl edition, as the distributors could only guarantee us 10 copies (which are all pre-ordered already). Would it hurt to up the pressing run? Meanwhile Tim Summers sees that IG has been interviewed for Time Out in Singapore: Q – So have you guys started your own Twitter account? A – Twitter? I don’t have Twitter. It’s not my way of life, observing everything that happens every time I’m moving around. Q – But Deep Purple has a Twitter account now.  A – Do we?

Get with the programme Ian; how else will we know if you get stuck in a lift?! Read the interview here:



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6 Responses to “Walk / don’t walk”

  1. clive bindley Says:

    I wish Roger would start wearing hats again…I know he hasn’t got much of a thatch nowadays and likes to keep what he has covered, but a hat is much better than a Bandana…providing it’s not a silly pointy one a la (name deleted on legal advice – ed).

  2. Neil Cutler Says:

    The Purps looking like the Stones? I guess its nice they try something different. Paicey’s got the stance right hasn’t he. Rog looking like it was a bit nippy, Don looks like he’s ready to get back indoors for a Horlicks. We could have a riot putting speech bubbles to this one….

  3. John Blackburn Says:

    It looks just like the queue to get into the Quo reunion gig at Manchester Apollo – all very civilised, black and grey

    • simon robinson Says:

      Hopefully there were more people in that Quo queue John! I didn’t know they had reformed until I watched that rather good BBC4 British 70s Rock compilation the other night (almost flawless except perhaps for Heavy Metal Kids)…

  4. Keith Livingstone Says:

    Purple Twitter account is not exactly overflowing with information.

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